-  Before purchasing videos, please be advised that since we switched to a new billing company (CCBill), some of the earlier videos have been edited to remove content that did not meet compliance policies set forth by the billing company. Certain type of KO scenes and HOM scenes are no longer permitted by most billing companies these days. Some of the omitted videos have been replaced with videos clips from the members area, compiled into 30+ minute videos. Some of these clips have never been seen before. Most titles from LF244 and earlier are available on DVD, if interested please drop us a line at for more details.

Missing Ladyfist videos can be found here.           

If you encounter any problems with your video purchase, please contact us at with as much information of the issues you're having and we'll help get them sorted out as soon as possible. Though CCBill refers to each video purchase as a "subscription", please be assured that you will only be billed once for the purchase of your video found within our video collection vault.

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09 SEPT 2015 LF308 BAD HAIR DAYS 10 AUG 2015 AJ vs Parker        104 Photos
13 AUG 2015 LF307 HUMILIATION REVENGE 11 JULY 2015 Ema vs Sonia         82 Photos
23 JULY 2015 LF306 UNDERESTIMATED 15 JUNE 2015 Trinity vs Champaigne 100 Photos
04 JUNE 2015 LF305 KO REVENGE 23 MAY 2015 Sadie vs Cheyenne  109 Photos
12 MAY 2015 LF304 Belly Punchin' Pixie 06 MAY 2015 Phoenix vs Pixie      87 Photos
09 APR 2015 LF160 - BLACK & BLUE 16 APR 2015 Sadie vs Revi        115 Photos
06 APR 2015 LF303 Petite Hellfight II 01 APR 2015 AJ vs Parker          82 Photos
25 MAR 2015 LF302 Red Terror 15 MAR 2015 Dot vs Nikita        144 Photos
15 FEB 2015 LF301 Such A Loser 28 FEB 2015 Penney vs Pixie     71 Photos
08 JAN 2015 LF300 Petite Hellfight 15 FEB 2015 Revy vs Leah       111 Photos
05 JAN 2015 LF299 Beatdown Giggles 01 FEB 2015 Taylor vs Pixie       75 Photos
NOV 2014: LF006 Break A Leg, Sunny! 15 JAN2015 Parker vs Naomi    105 Photos
NOV 2014: LF041 Can You Handle It 01 JAN 2015 Sarah vs Desire     129 Photos
NOV 2014: LF298 - Broken and Bent 15 DEC 2014 Pixie vs Ema         120 Photos
NOV 2014: LF297 - Hammered Aiden 30 NOV 2014 Sadie vs Micah      155 Photos
    10 NOV 2014 Parker vs AJ          90 Photos
    31 OCT 2014 Pixie vs Pystole     149 Photos
    20 OCT 2014 Parker vs Naomi    112 Photos
    10 OCT 2014 Pixie vs Pheonix    126 Photos




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