MIXED BOXING 01 - REAL BELLY PUNCHING - featuring Felicia vs Rusty

12 Minutes of REAL mixed boxing belly punches!

This belly punching video is a requested custom scenario, featuring a real male boxer pummeling a jobber girl with real belly punches. Rusty is a
built 5'8" 180lb boxer going against Felicia, a 5'2" 120lb female and he pummels her belly for nearly 12 minutes straight. The punching gets more
intense as the beating goes on, and Felicia's stomach turns bright red from the continuous pounding! (Partnered with Mixedboxing.net)

    Petite but tough girl Felicia thinks of herself as having the rock hard abs that can take any punishment dished out as she challenges dangerous boxer Rusty to a real belly punching contest. The contest starts with Rusty being a bit too gentle as he tests the waters by tapping Felicia on the belly with his boxing gloves and doesn't like it that the petite girl eggs him on with the wave of a gloved had signaling "is THAT all you got, bitch?!"

    That's about all it takes to get Rusty to drop his "guys don't hit girls" gentleman rules as he increases the pressure with more solid hits to Felicia's now pink belly as she tenaciously accepts each and every punch that Rusty drops on her abs. And yet, the defiant petite woman still eggs her opponent on to increase the pressure and stop being a little girl about punching women in the abs.. Rusty is more than happy to oblige by this time!

     Strong as her abs may be, Felicia now starts to show the effects of being blasted in the guts by a trained and powerful boxer who is eager to put this upstart of a woman in her place with his gloves. She's asked for this and he is more than happy to give her what she wants by now. Punch after punch, winced defiance challenges Rusty's every punch as he tries to make Felicia regret her choice of entering the ring with him and challenging him to this match.

     Try as she may, poor Felicia over-estimated her belly's ability to take punches, especially those delivered by such a skilled puncher as Rusty. Eventually, the end of the match comes with a gut shot that shuts down Felicia and drops her down to the mat, wincing in extreme pain as her battered belly can take no more...

     What starts off as a soft tapping testing of the abs quickly escalates to a vicious and painful destruction of a jobber girl's defiant abs. Boxing and Belly Punching fans will really enjoy this video knowing that Felicia is true Jobber Girl who loves having her belly punched by the best of the best.. But, some day, she WILL stand up to Rusty and his devastating fists.. some day.. soon....

    (All sales and proceeds go to Felicia directly.)



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