LFN006 - BACK OFF BITCH - featuring Jenny Steel vs Lily-Kat Catfight Beatdown

14 minutes of big girl vs small girl female fighting action in the spirit of Miss Jade's classic Ladyfist beatdowns of a BBW kicking a smaller female fighter's ass.


Lily-Kat gets caught flirting and Jenny Steel is none too happy about it. Jenny slams Lily head first in to the wall, bouncing her off and to the ground. Lily professes her innocence as Jenny yanks her up by the hair, but the enraged Jenny is out to punish her. Lots of hair pulling, smothers, scissors and painful submissions as Jenny puts Lily through hell, including stripping her of her top, but Lily won't go down without a fight.

But after being stretched out, torqued, beaten and squashed by the larger Jenny, Lily is hopelessly trapped in a choke putting immense pressure on her neck and back. She gargles out her submission before Jenny does any more damage to her, left topless and humiliated...as Jenny walks off with her top, leaving Lily half naked and beaten for all to see!

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