LF296 - FALSE HOPE - featuring Naomi vs Parker

30 minutes of action featuring belly button torture, belly punching, scissors, hair pulling and back breakers...

Petite Naomi dives right in a match against newcomer Parker for a match to the finish. Figuring she can take that much taller fighter, Naomi hopes that her previous match experiences will help her gain her first win but it doesn't take long before the long limbed tough gal Parker puts the smaller Naomi in her proper place... on the receiving end of a one sided beatdown. With lots of hair pulling to control her opponent, Parker targets Naomi's belly with brutal belly button torture and then devastating punches deep into the petite girl's gut. Confident she has her opponent completely helpless, Parker back breaks her opponent and continues with the belly destruction, demanding that the petite fighter submits...

With a few matches under her belt, Naomi figures she'll be able to walk over her untested opponent, despite the size difference. She didn't even wait for the cameras to start rolling before she attacks her opponent but this did nothing but really piss off Parker as the taller blonde wrenches the smaller fighter down to the match. Trapping her opponent between her long powerful legs, Parker commences to weaken her opponent with crushing scissors across the waist and chest, wearing down her opponent.


Knowing she has the definite advantage over her opponent, Parker starts working over Naomi's belly with crippling claw holds, wrenching deep into Naomi's abs as she easily controls her smaller opponent. Try as she may, Naomi simply can't shake the taller and vicious Parker off of her as her belly is methodically being worked over. Digging her fingers deep into Naomi's belly button, Parker seeks to destroy Naomi's belly as best as she can with her dagger like fingers. Once Naomi's belly is weakened, Parker drops vicious fists into the smaller fighter's belly, one punch at a time with telling effect. Gasping for breath, poor Naomi is pummeled one punch at a time. Looking to make her adversary submit, Parker locks in a tight sleeper hold, but the little fighter refuses to submit, trying to escape the crippling hold. With her opponent's belly already weakened by repeated belly punches and belly button torture, Parker drapes Naomi across her knee, stretching the smaller girl to the breaking point. If that wasn't bad enough, Parker drops vicious punches to Naomi's stretched out belly and claws away at her belly button.


Broken and near exhaustion, poor Naomi still refuses to submit to her much taller opponent. Pulling Naomi up to her feet by the hair, Parker hoists her victim up across the shoulder for a devastating back breaker. But still, Naomi refuses to submit. Frustrated, Parker drops her victim to the mats only to yank Naomi up to her feet by the hair and jams her up against the wall so she can deliver brutal belly punches, demanding that Naomi submits. Able to take only so much punishment, Naomi has no choice but to finally submit to her taller opponent.. But it's too late.. Enraged at Naomi's tenacity, Parker makes sure that Naomi won't soon forget this one sided beatdown.


Poor Naomi, she had false hopes of winning her first match on the match but she picked the wrong opponent to pin her hopes against.

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