LF295 - UNDERESTIMATED - featuring Revy vs Leia

23 minutes of back and forth action featuring camel clutch, breast mauling, facesit, belly punching, fish hooking and tickling.

Tough girl Revy accepted this match against the new girl Leia with the understanding that the long haired beauty would be the next in-house Jobber Girl. As Revy starts putting her opponent through the paces of a one sided beatdown with a painful camel clutch with breast mauling, Leia decides that she really doesn't want to be the loser in this match and turns the tables on Revy, catching her larger opponent by surprise. Not happy with this turn of events, Revy goes on the attack but soon discovers that this petite beauty has a lot of fight left in her and that this is going to be an all out war before one of them is declared the winner. But once Revy discovers Leia weakness, she goes in for the finish with a torturous round of tickling that leaves the new girl crumpled on the floor like a discarded ragged doll. Having made her point, Revy isn't done quite yet! A quick stomp to the guts and a last minute spine snapping back breaker sends the message home to the new girl!

Revy has proven herself in the past of being quite the tough girl on the mats against such opponents as Sadie and especially petite little Naomi, so she was rather confident that she wouldn't have any problems going up against the new girl Leia. It had already been determined that Leia's role around here would be that of the Jobber Girl (everyone loves a jobber girl in one sided beatdowns!). But once these two hell cats started to rumble on the mats, Leia decided that she really didn't like being in the submissive role and after a few rounds of painful camel clutches, she lunges onto Revy and takes control of the situation. Not pleased about the breast mauling, Leia is eager to return the favour as she has her larger opponent locked up between her powerful thighs. Taken off guard by the sudden attack by Leia, Revy soon finds herself in trouble as the beautiful long haired Leia face sits Revy. Try as she may, Revy can't shake the smaller girl off. The new girl's inexperience shows when she releases Revy from the face sit only to be pounced upon and once again tossed into another painful session of breast mauling camel clutch, with a nasty fish hook tossed in for good luck. This time, Leia struggles to survive as Revy targets the new girl's belly with vicious punches and attacks to the belly button.


Being on the receiving end of a beatdown is not Leia's idea of a good time, so when she finally manages to break free she gets to work on returning all that pain and suffering back to Revy with her own camel clutch and sadistic fish hooks and nose torture. Confident in her abilities, Leia easily manhandles her opponent into painful holds and leg scissors, pinning Revy to the mat as she delivers her own gut punches and breast mauling.

Not wanting to be shown a wussy, Revy amps up her game and regains control of the situation as she traps Leia across her knee and delivers brutal belly punches to the new girl's cruelly exposed belly button. Thinking the new girl is down and finished, Revy lets her guard down just long enough for Leia to once again turn the table and go on the attack as she pins her opponent down to the mats again, mauling her breasts and dropping bombs to the belly.


Back and forth they go, the girls fight on hard without giving or asking quarter. Leia feel quite happy with herself as she face sits her opponent, knowing that Revy still can't shake her off. But once Revy manages to break free from Leia's punishing holds, she manages to catch Leia in a painful wedgie.

Frustrated and angry about how the match is turning out, Revy goes after Leia's one weakness: she can't stand being tickled. So once trapped between Revy's legs, Leia is subjected to a prolonged tickling session to the neck, ribs, arm pits and feet that leaves the new girl gasping for breath and totally exhausted from Revy's torturous fingers..


Leia, unable to continue the fight, sadly has to submit to her opponent. But Revy isn't done yet. Pissed off at Leia for not following the Jobber Girl role, the big girl drops a vicious stomp to Leia's belly as she lays prone trying to recover from the tickling session. Ouch! Just to make a point. Just as we thought the match was fully over, Leia made a nasty off camera remark to Revy that sent the bigger girl over the edge, and she yanks the new girl by the hair, tossed her over the knee and proceeded to spine break Leia as a final gesture of dominance. The lesson in this one is that once you lost a match, you shouldn't antagonize the victor if you haven't got the strength to defend yourself..

Great back and forth action, camel clutches, face sits and breast mauling dominate this match with a sprinkling of other great action throughout.

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