LF294 - CANON FODDER - featuring Sadie Smackdown vs Naomi

38 minutes of one sided beatdown featuring camel clutch, crushing scissors, belly punching, backbreakers and more!

Sadistic Sadie has her sights set on petite Naomi as her next victim. Always needing fresh meat to perfect her craft of torturing her victims, Sadie sees Naomi as nothing else than canon fodder on her quest to the top. Right from the beginning, Naomi is on the wrong end of the beat down stick as Sadie puts the petite fighter through one agonizingly torturous and grinding hold after another before demanding her submission. Not wanting to appear like a push over, Naomi tries her best to resist but there is little she can do to stop the brutal Juggernaut in red hair. From gut crushing scissors, to abs stretching and back breaking camel clutches, to stretching bow and arrow holds, to vicious figure four leg locks, to devastating belly punches and finally a brutal and torturous cross shoulder back breaker, Sadie adds her sadistic flavour to each hold with painful belly button torture, fish hooks and breast mauling. Poor Naomi never knew what hit her during this brutal and torturous match.

Having beaten down a long list of opponents, Sadie needed someone more flexible and manageable to try out some new holds and perfect her craft of being the best heel ever. Along comes petite Naomi who was more than happy to take up the challenge in order to get a spot on the mats. Unfortunately, Naomi thought that Sadie would be gentle with her since this was her first real big match. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sadie took this opportunity to properly beat down her new opponent and show her a few new holds.. mind you it would be on the receiving end of these holds. The match starts off with Sadie pinning her opponent under her until Naomi manages to grab a hold of the red head's long hair which prompts Sadie to roll over and crush her victim between her powerful vise like thighs. Squeezed hard enough to feel like her belly button would touch her spine, Naomi struggles to break free but nothing she could do would break the hold. Crushed and squeezed, Naomi fights to stay in the game but she eventually has no choice but to submit before too much damage is done.


Grabbing her opponent once again, Sadie mounts Naomi into a painful camel clutch, cranking on the poor girl's lower back and stretching her belly, allowing Sadie to reach down and torture Naomi's stretched out and vulnerable belly button. Add in some breast mauling for good measure, Sadie then fish hooks Naomi's mouth and gives her a good stretch again. Long and grinding, Sadie's camel clutch is brutal on poor Naomi as she tries to endure the pain but once again, she has to submit when asked by her assailant.

Broken and weakened, Naomi is roughly rolled up into a vicious bow and arrow hold. With her back bent and her belly stretched, Naomi is once again subjected to painful fish hooking and breast mauling as she is brutalized over and over in this very painful hold. Helpless and defeated, Naomi once again has to submit as the pain is unbearable.


Enjoying herself immensely, Sadie traps her victim in a viciously tight figure four leg lock and cranks on the pressure causing poor Naomi to howl and thrash in pain as her leg is being tortured. Pulling on her victim's leg to increase the pressure on her tortured leg, Sadie gleefully enjoys herself as she watches her victim writhe in pain as her leg is being destroyed. Once again, unable to tolerate the pain, Naomi has no choice but to submit to her opponent.

With her wrist wrapped tight, Sadie wants to test Naomi's belly with devastating belly punches as she pins her opponent to the mat and lands one brutal fist after another into Naomi's soft belly. Unable to cover up or roll away, the poor petite Naomi takes each blow to the belly button in horrible pain. Sadie wants to see how tough her opponent really is, or how much strength she has left by jamming Naomi up against the wall and drilling her belly button with one gut pounding punch after another. Naomi tries to collapse to the mats but she's held up against the wall by the sadistic hell Sadie. Any attempts to cover up results in one viciously deep belly punch after another. Satisfied with her handiwork, Sadie allows Naomi to collapse to the mats, writhing in horrible pain.


To put the final touch to her match, Sadie hoists her opponent across her shoulders like a broken rag doll, cranking on her spine and stretching out her already battered belly. Bending her victim, Sadie adds her special touch as she seeks yet another submission from her victim. Though she tries to resist, poor Naomi has little choice but to submit to her superior opponent. Unceremoniously dumped to the mats and left writhing in pain, Naomi thought there could be nothing more Sadie could do to her to add to her long list of injuries... except Sadie always needs her trophy! Adding salt to the wounds, Sadie relieves her opponent of her bra and in an act of total disrespect, tosses it aside, knowing fully well she will have more opportunities to do the same again to Naomi should the little girl ever decide to face the sadistic heel in red hair again..

A one sided beatdown squash match with long brutal and grinding holds..

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