LF293 - FRESH MEAT - featuring Sadie Smackdown vs Michea

33 minutes of gut crushing scissors, camel clutches, hair pulling, face sitting, gut punches, foot torture and back breakers.

Sadie Smackdown has left her mark on several opponents and she's ready for the next girl brave enough to meet her on the mats. Looking for fresh meat to improve skills, Sadie is more than happy to square off against gorgeous 5'8" Michea. The raven haired beauty isn't afraid of Sadie, as she knows this is all fantasy wrestling style, right? But when Michea doesn't take Sadie seriously, that's when all hell breaks loose for the new girl as the sadistic red head Sadie crushes her victim between python thighs and bends the new girl's spine with repeated and excruciatingly painful camel clutches. How long will Michea last during this match before she's forced to tap out and admit defeat...

With several wins in her column, Sadie is ready for her next victim and she's eager to get her hands on the new girl Michea. Recovered from her recent illness, Sadie is looking forward to showing everyone how dangerous she can be. The two girls tangle up and Sadie quickly catches Michea in her dreaded scissors and starts applying the pressure. Michea hasn't yet realized as to how much trouble she's in by the way she giggles her way through the first part of the match. But all that will change soon enough. As the women roll around, Sadie clearly dominates her new opponent as she crushes her with powerful scissors. But Michea manages to break free once in a while and tries to get her offensive game going, but to no avail. Catching Michea in a brutal camel clutch, Sadie pulls back as hard as she can. And that puts a stop to Michea illusions of an easy fight. From here on out, Michea is desperately trying to survive as Sadie dominates the raven haired girl.


Pulling big hand full of hair, Michea is still unable to break free of Sadie's grasps as the red head destroyer starts breaking down her opponent, one crushing squeeze at a time. Dropping leathered fists into Michea's belly slows the new girl down even more, wearing her out with each punch. Once more trapped into the painful camel clutch, Michea howls in pain as Sadie tries to destroy her opponent's back. Try as she may, even with a lot of hair pulling, Michea simply can't get anything going against Sadie as the more experienced fighter sends the new girl reeling with one crushing scissors after another. Desperate to escape, Michea can't seem to make headway in this fight. More camel clutch holds weaken the new girl even more.


Pinning her opponent to the mats, Sadie tortures her opponent's legs before rolling her up in a bow and arrow hold, stretching her back, causing more pain and suffering. Try as she may, poor Michea simply can't get a break in this fight. Sadie straddles her opponent and starts attacking her feet, pulling her toes apart and tickling the soles of her feet. Gasping for air, and moaning in pain, the new girl Michea is rag dolled from one scissor hold after another before being stretched across Sadie's knee in a back breaker. Exhausted and beaten, Michea is dragged by the hair to be placed in yet another excruciatingly painful camel clutch as Sadie demands her submission.. Michea tries to resist and hold out as long as she possibly can but the damage is done and it's not long before the new girl has no choice but to submit in defeat.


Lots of prolonged and painful scissors and camel clutches in this match!

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