LF292 - SILENT BUT DEADLY - featuring Sadie Smackdown vs Revy

26 minutes of action featuring scissors, camel clutch, belly punches, hair pulling, face sitting and pins.

The mark of a champion fighter is one who will never back down from a challenge, even when they are sick.. Such was the case when the new girl Revy issued a challenge to Sadie knowing that the tough red head was just coming off the sick list and still on the weak and feeble side of things. To make matters worse for Sadie, she had lost her voice and couldn't vocalize her hatred for the new girl as she normally would. But determined to put Revy in her proper place, Sadie accepted the match. As the match ensued, Sadie's weakness is apparent, and so is Revy's inexperience on the mats. Feeling cocky and a little brazen, Revy taunts Sadie and in turn, infuriates the powerful red head who now is hell bent on destroying her new opponent. New girls just gotta learn their place around here!

Revy arrives on the scene ready to rock and roll, and to take on the tough gal Sadie. Though Revy is very inexperienced on the mats, she's smart enough to know that the best way to take down Sadie is to get her while she's weak.. and since Sadie was just recently sicker than a dog, why not take advantage of the situation!? Issuing the challenge, Revy honestly didn't think Sadie would be up for it but sure enough, the rough and tough red head is sure to want to put her mark on the new girl, just to make sure Revy doesn't think this will be a cake walk. The two gals tangle up right away and Sadie proceeds to apply a lot of cross body scissors on the new girl. At first Sadie takes it easy as to conserve her strength. Besides, it looks like Revy doesn't know how to break out of a simple scissors hold anyway, so she's not going anywhere. A little timid at first, Revy is cautiously trying not to piss off Sadie with inappropriate grabs or too hard of hair pulling. That's a shame because Revy is missing out on a great opportunity to put away the tough gal. As the match continues, Sadie rolls her victim around, trying to coast through this match just enough to make it look good but it doesn't take long before Revy really starts to piss off Sadie and now the gloves come off and some pain is gonna show up. A spine bending camel clutch shows Revy that Sadie isn't messing around. Revy manages to get some shots in, but again is going light as to not overly piss off the veteran fighter.


Showing signs that she hasn't fully recovered from being sick, Sadie has to release her holds on Revy once in a while to catch her breath. Revy taunts her opponent about her laryngitis but all this does is piss off Sadie. Time to get serious and put a hurt on the new girl!! Crushing scissors, belly punches and a good old fashion wedgie sets the pace before Sadie jams Revy up against the back wall and starts to punish her victim's belly with hard hitting belly punches that double her victim over. Repeated shots to the guts put a mark on Revy as she crumples to the mats. Sadie is madder than hell, though you can't hear it.. Sadie pins Revy to the mat with sandbags over her wrists and feet so that she can't move or escape as Sadie goes to town on Revy's already abused belly. Pounding fist to the guts and prying fingers deep into the belly button causes Revy to howl in pain. With her victim bruised and battered, Sadie leans in to whisper into Revy's ear if she wants to submit or not.. Sadie doesn't care what the answer it as she continues to attack Revy's belly before stepping away and leaving her victim dazed and battered..


Suffering through punishing scissors and belly punches, Revy soon found out that this is no walk through the park. If she's ever going to face off against Sadie again, she better be prepared!

As a bonus feature to this video, soon after Sadie left the mats, Naomi saunters in to torment Revy on her loss, at how she was unable to beat down a sickly red head. Not being happy about her recent loss, Revy takes out her frustrations out on petite little Naomi in a short 5 minute clip with figure four leg lock and hair pulling pin downs before things got too nasty to add to this video.


Revy took her beating from Sadie like a proper fighting girl. She'll be better prepared for their next encounter. As for Naomi, she'll have to pick her battles a little more carefully if she's to survive around here..

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