LF291 - NORTH vs SOUTH - featuring Hollywood vs Sadie Smackdown

30 minutes of action featuring scissors, camel clutch, belly punches, low blows, breast smother, hair pulling, face sitting and whole lot more!

Sadie Smackdown figures she's the toughest hellcat around, though with only the one match against a smaller opponent to her credit. To elevate her status even more, Sadie challenged Hollywood, a veteran fighter on the mats and in the ring who is as dangerous as she is beautiful. When these two ladies square off against each other on the mats, all hell breaks loose as Hollywood quickly and easily imposes her will against the less experienced Sadie, showing the new girl a hell of a lot more moves and holds than she had ever been exposed to before. Hollywood wanted to show Sadie what a real match was like and puts the red haired fighter through the ringer with various holds, moves and shots that sends Sadie reeling. Not appreciating the humiliating turn of events, Sadie goes wild and sets upon Hollywood, seeking revenge as she sets forth to destroy Hollywood with belly punches, scissors and what ever else she can come up with to embarrass her opponent. Nothing says fury like a pissed off red head!

Sadie is very well familiar as to Hollywood is by reputation and having watched her videos over the years. And nothing would please Sadie more than to be able to brag to her friends and foes alike that she had defeated such a legend. When Hollywood heard of such foolishness coming from such a newbie fighter, she was more than happy to accept the challenge, simply to show this upstart what a mistake she would be making by tangling with such an experienced and dangerously skilled fighter. As soon as these two ladies face off on the mats, the trash talking goes wild as Hollywood insults Sadie and the two ladies lock up and down they go to the mats where Hollywood easily dominates over Sadie. At first, it appears Sadie doesn't take the "Hollywood threat" seriously enough but her tone changes when Hollywood cranks on the pressure and now Sadie has to fight to survive.


Hollywood catches Sadie in a crushing scissors hold and cranks on the pressure, squeezing the guts out of her red haired opponent. Try as she may, Sadie can't seem to mount a good enough defense to allow her to turn the tables on the legend. She is so bound and determined to take down Hollywood that Sadie throws caution to the wind but comes up short every time as Hollywood easily manipulates her less experienced adversary. Gut shots and face sitting are in order as the veteran fighter takes down her opponent piece by piece. Stretched and pulled, Sadie gets trapped in Hollywood's grueling Figure Four Leg Lock. As bad as it hurts, Sadie tries to put on a brave face and not show her despair as her legs are tortured. Hollywood makes good use of Sadie's thick long hair as she rips the hair out of Sadie's head (a lot of yanked out hair on the mats!) Like a cruel cat playing with a wounded mouse, Hollywood introduces Sadie to the 'low blows' of mat wrestling as she jams her foot in Sadie's tender spot, pumping her foot hard as Sadie screams in pain.


Camel clutches and grapevines are cruelly applied to poor Sadie, who is now realizing she's bitten off more than she can chew when tangling with Hollywood. Another Figure Four Leg Lock sends Sadie howling in pain once again. Gut punched and knee dropped into the abs takes the rest of the wind out of Sadie's sails. Hollywood pulls Sadie up by the hair and hurls her to the back wall from where she lands brutal belly punches and knees to the red haired fighter's abs, sending her down to the floor reeling in pain. After another round of torturous holds, Hollywood feels it might be time to finish off her opponent and slams Sadie up against the wall once again for more vicious belly punching. Turning to camera to brag of her accomplishment, Hollywood is caught unaware as Sadie desperately lashes out and lands a brutal punch to Hollywood's abs that sends the legend down tot he mat.. Now it's pay back time!!

The hate and venom drips from Sadie's voice as she pummels her opponent, fish-hooking Hollywood, trying to humiliate her opponent. Dropping fists in Hollywood's abs, Sadie goes all out to destroy the legend. Taking a page from Hollywood's book, Sadie traps her opponent between her powerful thighs and cranks on the pressure with telling effect. Jammed up against the wall, it's now Hollywood's turn to get belly tortured with devastating blows. Payback is a bitch and is called Sadie.. Cruel stops to Hollywood's crotch and vicious gut shots weakens the more experienced fighter. Weakened and hurt, Hollywood can't seem to be able to fend off Sadie's attacks. Picking the right moment, Sadie traps Hollywood in a painful back stretching hold and demands the veteran's submission. When Hollywood refuses to submit to Sadie, the pressure is cranked on and Hollywood has no choice but to submit.


Happy with her victory, Sadie isn't quite satisfied yet.. She wants her trophy off of Hollywood. In no position to protest or resist, Hollywood is relieved of her bikini top as Sadie gleefully struts away victorious.. No doubt that Hollywood is not happy about this and vows revenge.. Some day.. sooner or later.. Hollywood will get her turn to humiliate and beat down Sadie.. some day...

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