LF287 - FAILED TRINITY TEST - featuring Trinity vs Champaign & Origami

40 minutes of of non-stop action featuring catfighting, straddles, breast mauling, face sitting, scissors, back breaker and hair pulling.

Trinity faces off against two new girls in single combat to test their mettle. Though they are facing a much larger opponent, raven haired Champaign and red hair Origami figure they can take the big woman down, one way or another. But they didn't anticipate Trinity's vicious streak as she relentlessly beats down each of the girls in turn in separate matches. When confronting her friend, Champaign lashes out at Origami for not being able to beat Trinity and they themselves end up fighting each other in a vicious and lengthy catfight that leaves one of them incapacitated. Thinking she's the toughest girl around, Champaign finds out the hard way that Trinity wasn't quite done with the two of them before the night is over!

Not wasting any time, Trinity sets the pace against her smaller opponent Champaign. Using her superior size to her advantage, Trinity is able to easily manipulate Champaign around like a rag doll, aiming to teach her a lesson she'll soon not forget! Yanking her opponent by the hair, Trinity rolls her victim around, mauling her breasts and simply outclassing Champaign at every turn. Though the smaller girl gets a few turn overs, she simply can't do anything significant against her much larger opponent and she has no other option but to submit the round.


Up next is Origami. Trinity is soon to find out why this tall skinny girl got her name as the long limbed girl is no push over when it comes to the mats. But once Trinity gets her weight on top of Origami, the game is almost set. Cracking the lighter girl's spine across the knee in an incredulous angle, you'd think it would be the end of Origami but with a surprise twist, she manages to escape and straddle pin her much larger opponent. Accidentally ripping Trinity's bra top, Origami ends up enraging her adversary and pays the price for her mistake. Ripping Origami's top off, Trinity goes for the goods and mauls the skinny girls breasts, crushes her down with her immense weight until Origami has no choice but to submit as well.


After they've both recovered from their ordeal, Champaign and Origami meet up on the mats and they are none too pleased with each other's inability to take down their hated foe, Trinity. When the name calling gets personal, the gloves comes off and the two friends rip into each other with vicious and brutal scissors, breast mauls and hair pulling. Back and forth they go, taking their frustrations out on each other as they tear away and battle it out. Champaign tries to breast smother her opponent but is countered with a face sit, neck scissors. Breaking free, Champaign puts Origami in painful body contortion holds until finally the skinny girl has to submit to her friend. Standing over her defeated friend, Champaign makes it know that she is the only one tough enough to take down the heavy girl, Trinity. Unfortunately, Trinity is behind her and not impressed with either girls as she scoops Champaign up for a cross shoulder back breaker that leaves Champaign crying out her submission. Trinity unceremoniously dumps her broken victim on top of Origami who is still laying on the mats. Trinity has established her dominance in no uncertain terms. Anytime these two little jobber girls want to take her on, she'll be ready...


Straddles, schoolgirl pins, catfighting, hair pulling, breast mauling, 40 minutes of non-stop action.

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