LF284 -RELUCTANT SUBMISSION - featuring Lily vs Morgan

42 minutes of domination, scissors, camel clutch, belly punching, hair pulling and back breakers.

In this four clip compilation from the past Members area, the formidable and lecherous Lily gets her hands all over Morgan, a gal who figured she could take on Lily on the mats but she wasn't expecting Lily's wandering hands and nasty disposition. After their first tangle where they battle back and forth, Morgan gets taught a lesson as she has to submit to Lily to avoid suffering needlessly. And every round after that, pinned belly punching, torturous camel clutch and cross knee back breaker, Morgan tries as best as she can to resist Lily attempts but ends up having no other choice but to reluctantly submit each time.

In the first segment, Morgan feels this is her day as she deems herself capable of taking down the lecherous Lily. Crushing scissors, hair pulling and the occasional breast mauling sets the tone as these two tall ladies battle it out. It eventually becomes evident to Morgan that she's greatly outclassed by her more experienced opponent and after much struggling, has no choice but to submit the first round to Lily


In the second segment, Lily has Morgan trapped with her arms above her head and legs scissored, leaving her long torso exposed to what ever Lily has in mind.. and she's always has something evil on her mind.. Caressing Morgan's soft skin to put her victim at ease, Lily drops multiple fists into Morgan's stretched out belly with a resounding thud. With gentle hands, Lily caresses Morgan's breasts and belly, but soon drops fists after fist into her helpless victim's belly. Try as she may to break free with a hand full of Lily's hair, Morgan has to suffer and endure Lily's sadistic rampage until Morgan once again has no choice but to submit the round.

In the third segment, Morgan is caught in a punishing camel clutch where she is utterly defenseless and helpless against Lily's evil intentions. As Lily caresses Morgan's stretched out body, probing for soft spots, Morgan vainly tries to escape only to be rewarded with vicious breast mauling and hair pulling. Lily wants to get at Morgan's delicious breasts and finally gets her rolled over to expose Morgan's breasts as she mauls them. Faced with certain defeat, Morgan once again has to reluctantly submit to Lily.


Exhausted and demoralized, Morgan knows she can't offer any resistance to Lily's advances as Morgan is draped across Lily's knee for a prolonged and torturous back breaker. Stretching her victim out, Lily admires Morgan's body as she nails her with harsh fists to the belly and claws to the breasts. Helpless, Morgan can only hang on as long as she can but how much brutality can one person take, especially from such a fiend as Lily? Bent, broke and defeated, Morgan desperately hangs on but slowly she's battered into submission and suffers the indignity of being stripped topless by the evil Lily.



Mostly a one sided beat down, Lily puts Morgan through the wringer with brutal and punishing holds, all the while gently caressing her body before pounding Morgan into submission...

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