LF283 - EVERYONE HATES EMA - featuring Ema vs Pixie, Gypsy and Taylor

34 minutes of one sided belly beatdown including 2 on 1 action, cheap shots, back breakers, rag dolling..

Masked Ema brags of her abs of steel and everyone hates Ema for it. So this 3 video clip compilation from the past Members area is all about the girls who hate Ema, and want to do something about it by destroying her rock hard abs. Long time rival Pixie gets the first crack at Ema's belly in the first clip and then for the second clip, Pixie teams up with red haired Gypsy as both girls go to town all over Ema's belly with a lot of additional holds and painful cheap shots, kicks and stomps. Finally, in the final clip segment, the sultry beauty Taylor has her way with Ema, driving her fists into Ema's rock hard abs, drilling her finger deep into Ema's belly button and rendering poor Ema down to a heap of sobbing mess from all the torture already suffered.

In the first segment, Pixie is on the mats trying to do a bridge arch as Ema come walking in. Making fun of Pixie's inability to properly perform this simple stretching exercise, Ema proceeds to demonstrate how well she can do it. With her back super arched, and her belly super stretched out, AND super vulnerable, Ema is caught by surprise as Pixie drops a brutal double ax handle blow to Ema's belly, causing the poor masked fighter to crash to the mats, stunned and gasping for air. This is all Pixie needed in order to inflict as much punishment onto Ema. Sitting on Ema's face and pinning her down, Pixie wails fist after fist into her rival's belly. Barely able to respond with any defense, Ema's limp body is rolled over and brutalized by Pixie as she pulls Ema up into a camel clutch before dropping her down to the mats again. Helpless and defenseless, there is nothing Ema can do to stop Pixie's attacks as she's punched in the gut, kicked in the crotch and brutalized over and over. Pixie applies a figure four leg lock onto her weakened opponent but when the semi-conscious Ema fails to respond to the pain, Pixie goes back to what she knows will hurt Ema, vicious shots to the gut and cheaps shots to the crotch. Nearly out with the pain, Ema is basically only along for the ride as the petite red head proceeds to destroy Ema, one little pace at a time..


In the second clip segment, two red heads, Pixie and Gypsy team up to bring a lot of pain to their mutual enemy, Ema. Both these red heads seriously hate Ema and now its time to put a hurt on the masked fighter girl. As one red head holds their victim, the other nails her vicious gut shots, stomps and cheap shots. Hoisting Ema up in a mini-romero, her legs locked in place, her arms trapped behind her, the two red heads deliver one devastating blow after another to Ema's already battered belly. With malicious intent, they torture Ema's belly with punishing blows. Stretching Ema's legs as wide as they will go and pinning her arms back, they take turns delivering brutal gut shots to Ema's cruelly exposed belly. With her belly stretched out, legs locked back and arms pinned back, Ema takes several sadistic kicks to the bare belly, sending tremors of pain wracking through her body. Neither Pixie or Gypsy have any sympathy for their victim as their hatred for Ema runs deep...


In the third and final clip segment, we find the sultry and sexy Taylor holding Masked Ema down and nailing Ema's belly with brutal and punishing punches, deep into the belly button. Just to make sure Ema is getting the full treatment, Taylor drills her finger down deep into Ema's already tortured belly button, as deep as she can go.. and deeper. Howling in pain, there is nothing Ema can do to escape Taylor's hatred as she endures one vicious belly shot after another. Like a sadistic cat playing with a wounded mouse, Taylor savours every moment of Ema's suffering as she drops huge fists deep into Ema's belly until the end....


Ema goes through the wringer in this video compilation. She's made a lot of enemies in the past and they all come together to get some revenge and payback, targeting Ema's rock hard abs.. but even granite will crumble to dust after so many blows of the sledgehammer..

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