LF282 - PINNED and SUBMITTED - featuring Tragedy vs Cassy

28 minutes of hair pulling, pins, straddling, scissors, breast mauling, belly punch, cheap shots..

In this three clip video compilation from the past Members area, feisty petite Cassy goes up against her bigger opponent Tragedy. The girls had previous agreed to take turns sitting and straddling one another to see how easy it was to get out of this position. And if one couldn't get out of the hold, then had to suffer to encourage them to really try to get out. Full of confidence and hatred for her opponent, the long haired girl with the big attitude thinks she can take her foe down with ease but she might have bitten off more than she can chew as Tragedy won't take her beating like a good girl, and turns the tables on poor Cassy. Will size overcome a vicious temperament?

In the first segment, Cassy starts off sitting on her opponent Tragedy and tormenting the larger girl with hair pulls and breast mauling. Cassy enjoys herself as she seems to be able to control such a larger girl. But Tragedy isn't enjoying herself and manages to turn the tables on her smaller adversary and gives some payback with hair pulling and breast mauling of her own. Toss in a couple of belly punches and Tragedy has her petite opponent right where she wants her. But Cassy isn't ready to roll over as these two battle it out back and forth, trying to get that first win.. Tragedy's lack of experience on the mats shows as the little girl Cassy is able to woman-handle the bigger girl with ease. Rolling around for position, Cassy finally manages to get the superior position and with a neck stretch is able to submit Tragedy.



The second segments starts with Tragedy straddling and pinning petite Cassy and now its time for the long haired hell cat to feel the pain as Tragedy trash talks her helpless victim. Cassy tries to toss off her opponent but can't seem to manage that heavy weight and is trapped. Cassy's big mouth gets her in trouble as Tragedy starts to maul and belly punch her opponent. Root ripping hair pulling from this helpless position has Cassy in an unenviable position as Tragedy has her way with her smaller opponent, trash talking and humiliating Cassy until the end of the round..


In the third and final segment, its now Cassy's turn to start the round straddling Tragedy, and its payback time. Cassy isn't going to be gentle with her opponent as she's out to teach Tragedy a lesson as Cassy rips away at Tragedy's hair and drops brutal haymakes to the belly. Grabbing Tragedy's breasts, Cassy is simply enjoying herself too much as she seeks only to make her opponent suffer.. and suffer Tragedy does. Every time she manages to break her arms free to escape, Cassy is quick to pin her opponent again and resume the torture. Vicious hair pulling, brutal breast mauling, cheap shots and punishing belly punches has poor Tragedy howling in pain as petite Cassy goes to town on her opponent. Try as she may, Tragedy isn't able to figure out how to get Cassy off of her and must take what is handed to her.. a whole mess load of sadistic beat down.


Tragedy thought she could easily take down a much smaller opponent, but her lack of experience allows the smaller Cassy to show off her nasty and vicious said as she shows Tragedy that sometimes, pain comes in small packages...

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