LF281 - TIT for TAT HOOKS - featuring Dot vs Kelly (Custom Video)

42 minutes of fish hooking, hair pulling, belly torture, breast mauling, biting, nerve pinching and overall mayhem..

Petite little Dot faces off against the giantess Kelly in this fish hook and heels battle to the finish. Being lured to the mats to face a veteran opponent, Dot wasn't prepared for the heels portion of this match and argues with Kelly to remove the heels before they engage in combat. Not a problem for Kelly as she's more than ready to simply use them as weapons of destruction. As the girls lock up, Kelly is quick to ensure Dot will suffer more than just a beat down as she uses her heels to not only inflict punishment but to render Dot topless for better access to her tender breasts. But don't let Dot's petite size fool you, she's game for a vicious fight and gives back as much as she receives. Biting, mauling and hair pulling, the girls go after one another non-stop until only one emerges victorious over the other...

Super tall Kelly shows off her new heels as Dot walks in complaining that she's not prepared for a heels match. Kelly isn't too worried that she won't be able to wear her heels during the match, she's more content in being able to use them to punish and torture the new girl Dot with her sharp heels. Grabbing Dot by the hair, Kelly drags her down to the mats and goes to work on the new girl right away. Using one of her heels to remove Dot's top to expose a sensitive nipple, red haired Kelly grinds her heel deep into Dot breast, sending the little fighter howling in pain. But when Dot fights back by biting Kelly, it sends the taller girl into a rage and she returns the favour by biting back, in all the tender parts on Dot's body. Kelly gives Dot's breast a lot of nasty attention as she wrestles the poor little girl in various holds. When Dot tries to pull Kelly's bikini top off to make her topless as well, Kelly explodes and goes after Dot in a malicious manner. Now it's time for the belly button attacks! Driving her long slim fingers deep into Dot's belly button, sending her opponent howling in pain.


Like a cat playing with a mouse, Kelly goes to town on her smaller opponent, stretching her, yanking her hair, mauling the breasts, torturing the nipples, and biting her skin. Eventually, Dot takes advantage of Kelly's over-confidence and gets to turn the tables on the taller girl. Once straddling Kelly, Dot swings her heavy breasts to Kelly's face, using them as punching gloves. Into the camel clutch, it's now Dot's turn to use the heels and fish hooks to stretch Kelly's mouth apart, causing Kelly to scream out in pain. Back and forth they go, trying to outdo each other in the pain delivery department. Using the heels to jab into sensitive body parts, mauling and hair pulling, the girls don't let up in trying to make the other submit as they scrap on like wild cats.


Dot still tries to get Kelly's top off without success but with each attempt, all she manages to do is severely piss off the taller girl and receives more punishment for her efforts. Biting and mauling, yanking hair and biting anything that is available, the girls don't let up, pushing hard to make the other submit. But these girls are tough and they're not ready to give up yet! Kelly manages to get after Dot's belly with the dreaded claw hold, almost paralysing Dot's ability to breathe and jams her fingers into the battered belly button. Poor Dot, not used to fighting a much taller opponent, can't seem to be able to mount much of a defense against such an adversary.


Even though the battle is hard fought and evenly matched, Kelly's experience wins over Dot's determination as she manages to clamp on an extremely painful and crippling neck nerve pinch hold that has Dot desperately trying to scramble away from but with no such luck, poor Dot tries to endure as best as she can. Crushing the nerves in her powerful hands, Kelly forces the issue and claims a submission from her smaller opponent. With Dot writhing on the mats in pain after being released, Kelly has some kind parting words for her vanquished opponent as she gives her a goodbye kiss on the cheek..

42 minutes of constant back and forth action, full of breast attacks, belly attacks, fish hooks, hair pulling and biting, this video will appeal to many fans.

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