LF280 - TAKEN APART - featuring Dot vs Jordan

49 minutes of mostly one sided beatdown with leg torture holds, back breakers, breast mauling, belly punching and hair pulling.

5'0" Jordan is more than happy to take on the new 5'2" Dot for a match on the mats, and she's more than happy to show the new girl what it's all about to be a jobber girl, the hard way as she takes Dot apart, piece by piece Showing no mercy towards her inexperienced opponent, Jordan goes for the tender parts first and then works her down to the legs, trying to cripple the new girl with a vicious Indian deathlock hold, figure 4 leg locks and what ever else she can come up with. Overwhelming Dot with brutal attacks, Jordan joyfully rips Dot apart, limb from limb, punch by punch until the poor new girl, beaten and battered has no choice but to submit to Jordan and suffer her first defeat..

Pretty little Dot shows up ready to fight and she figures she'll be able to take down the toughest LF girl, Jordan with ease. But like other new girls, Dot over-estimated her own abilities while under-estimating Jordan's. And that's when all hell breaks loose! Learning from past encounters with new girls, Jordan knows to go big and hard on them right away to show them who is boss and she goes right to town all over Dot as she wrestles the new girl down to the mat. Her plan is simple, brutal shock and awe attacks to keep the new girl bewildered and not stop until she's been taken apart, piece by piece. And Jordan know what to attack first as she manages to rip Dot's top off and goes after the new girl's breasts, viciously mauling them, digging her nails deep into the soft flesh, twisting the nipples while trapping her opponent in cross body scissors, camel clutches and pins. Poor Dot didn't get a chance to deliver a single shot before she's rolled over by the Beast, Jordan.


Jordan's game plan is simple, toss as many holds and attacks on the new girl to give her something she'll never forget. Typically, the new girls do get some tamer fight training first but Jordan believe they have to learn to swim or sink.. and she's gonna make sure Dot will be sinking as she drops huge fists into Dot's belly, pulling her around the mat by the hair, yanking a couple of wedgies, just for the fun of it.. Poor Dot tries to defend herself with a few weak punches and some hair pulling but all of this bounce off of Jordan as the red haired beast destroys her opponent. Howling pain, Dot can barely keep up with the match as she's tossed from one side to another, stomped on, punched on, mauled and pulled and stretched as Jordan proceeds to make an example of her opponent.


Proud of her handy work, Jordan callously spits water into writhing Dot's face but this fires up the new girl. Insulted and bruised, she lunges at Jordan in a last ditch desperate attack and takes down her opponent and rains massive belly punches and breast mauling of her own seeking payback for the earlier beating she took from Jordan. But it doesn't take long before Jordan is able to turn the tables on her opponent and now it's back to the game plan of taking Dot apart. Trapping her between powerful thighs, Jordan face plants Dot into the mats, stunning the girl. Rolling the near rag dolled girl over, Jordan stretches Dot's back before returning to another round of punishing face plants into the mats. Satisfied she's made her point, Jordan drapes poor helpless Dot across the knee for a back breaker and goes after her belly and breasts, hammering brutal fists and finger jabs to the belly button.. How much more of this can poor Dot take?!


To add insult to injury, Jordan gives Dot another excruciating wedgy before slapping on a viciously painful figure leg lock, causing the poor new girl to howl in pain. Try as she may to resist, Dot can only hold out so long before she has no other choice but to submit and admit defeat. She's a tough little girl, but she's no match for Jordan. We may yet see a rematch to see who actually is the toughest of the two..

44 minutes of non-stop action, these girls give it their all, no quarter asked, none given as they battle it out to the bitter end...

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