LF279 - HOOKED and DESTROYED - featuring Nikita vs Jordan (Custom Video)

44 minutes of vicious back and forth fish hooking, raking of nails, hair pulling, biting, nerve pinch, crush and back breakers

Nikita had to cut her hair short a while back and she has Jordan to thank for it. Looking for revenge, the taller girl seeks to punish her smaller red haired opponent. Seeing Jordan brushing her long thick hair, Nikita goes after Jordan right away, threatening to brush all of her hair out of her scalp but the 'beast' Jordan isn't going to let that happen as Jordan takes Nikita down to the mats and the girls rip away each other with the hair brush, raking it across their opponent's tender skin. Going from one hold to another while using the dreading lip stretching fish hooking tactic, the girls aren't going to be gentle to each other as they seek to dominate and submit the other with breast mauling, biting and what ever other devious tactic they can come up with, until one ends up having to submit in howling pain, leaving her sobbing and humiliated in the end..

Nikita is still looking to beat down Jordan but the smaller red head isn't going to entertain that idea at all. When Nikita threatens to rip all of Jordan's hair out of her head with the hair brush, Jordan goes on the attack, taking Nikita down to the mats where she proceeds to rake the brush across the bigger girl's tender flesh, going for the ears, neck and armpits. Fish hooking her opponent, Jordan is able to control her opponent while she mauls away at Nikita's breasts and rips away at her face with the brush. Angered, Nikita gets her digs in as well when she over turns Jordan and gets her own digs in as she claws away at Jordan's breasts and hair. Caught in Jordan's scissors, Nikita keeps fighting on as the girls exchange fish hooks and nails raking viciously across any bare flesh exposed within reach. There's a lot of hate and anger in this match and neither girl is willing or ready to back down!


After exchanging several rounds of raking with both the nails and brush, Nikita is able to use her power and strength to catch Jordan in a mini-ceiling hold, stretching and arching her opponent skyward, cracking her spine avross the knees as Jordan dangles helplessly in the air. Yanking on Jordan's hair, Nikita is all about the pain she's inflicting onto her opponent. Weakened and disorientated, Jordan is pinned to the mats as Nikita straddles her opponent and digs the hair brush across Jordan's bare breast, the bristles digging deep across her sensitive nipples under the bra. Howling in pain, Jordan is furious and goes after Nikita, pinning her down and sinking her teeth into her bigger adversary's flesh, biting her fingers and ears, anything that is within reach. Howling in pain, Nikita tries to throw her opponent off but can't seem to shake off the smaller red head so easily. Back and forth they go, exchanging fish hooks and raking nails, trying to encourage the other to submit.


With malicious intent, Nikita hoists Jordan up again for another mini-ceiling hold and puts the works to her by fish hooking her opponent and torquing her back, helpless and defenseless, Jordan eventually manages to escape the hold but not before suffering a lot of damage. Nikita now turns her attention to Jordan's shoulders as she digs her nails deep into Jordan's neck and shoulders, crushing the nerves and muscles, making the red head howl in pain. Once again, Nikita reaches for the dreaded hair brush and rakes it across Jordan's breasts as she continues her vicious attacks. Poor Jordan is on the verge of defeat but she'll never submit.. or will she?!


Finding an opening, Jordan is able to turn the tables on her opponent and now it's all out brutal war as Jordan seeks to destroy Nikita with all her might. Pinning Nikita to the mats, Jordan bites away at Nikita's face and ears, raking the brush across Nikita's bare breasts under the bra and rips her lips apart with fish hooking.. Tough as she is, Nikita tries to survive and won't quit.. but when Jordan applies her own nerve pinch to Nikita's shoulders, that's just about all she wrote.. Wincing and howling in pain, Nikita has no choice but to submit to her adversary in crushing defeat. Brutalized, battered and showing signs of Jordan's viciousness all over her body, Nikita once again writhes in pain and humiliating defeat..

44 minutes of non-stop action, these girls give it their all, no quarter asked, none given as they battle it out to the bitter end...

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