LF278 - NIKITA'S LITTLE BITCH - featuring Nikita vs Jordan (1280x720 Video)

41 minutes featuring back breakers, scissors, squash, leg holds, torture holds, hair pulling and mayhem.

Jordan feels invincible after having defeated her smaller but tough opponent Kyla in two recent matches, so she's not afraid of much larger Nikita. Not impressed by the red haired bully, Nikita is looking to put Jordan in her place and teach her a lesson. Jordan accepts the challenge and is immediately put in some rather punishing and brutal holds from start to finish of this match. But the little red head isn't going down without a fight as she struggles to survive the match as Nikita is not simply looking for an easy victory over her opponent, but also to punish and brutalize her in the process.. Will Jordan walk away victorious again, or will she even be able to walk at all after what Nikita has in store for her..? Or will Jordan become Nikita's little bitch?

Nikita is rather pissed at Jordan for having bullied and brutalized a smaller Kyla in previous videos so she's ready to make an example out of Jordan by teaching her a lesson she won't soon forget. Nikita suggests that they start with a contest match, just like Jordan did with Kyla and with a wry look on her face, Nikita challenges Jordan to a hair pulling contest to start things off.. Before Jordan can protest (Nikita's short hair makes this a no-contest contest!), she's grabbed by the hair and hauled down to the mats where the torture begins. With powerful thighs, Nikita clamps Jordan's head tightly and cranks a punishing back and neck breaking hold that has Jordan reeling in pain. Nikita doesn't let go of her victim as she crushed the red head between her powerful thighs, taking the breath out of her victim. Jordan tries to fight back as best as she can but Nikita is too powerful for her and she's stretched and hammered on relentlessly. Jordan eventually gets the upper hand, relying on her mat experience to over come Nikita's size advantage but that only lasts so long before she's once again over powered and stretched out in another brutal back breaker.


Ready to redeem herself, Jordan squares off against Kyla as both girls grab hands full of red hair and start tugging and pulling to see who has the toughest hair, trying to rip the hair out at the roots and each girl tries to make the other submit. Down to the mats they go, trying to get better leverage in order to yank on the hair with more force. Grimacing through the pain, neither girl is ready to admit defeat as they role around, viciously pulling and yanking on each other's hair but in the end, Kyla proves to have the toughest hair and higher pain tolerance as Jordan howls her submission as she can't take anymore of the torture.. Once again, Kyla gleefully scratches Jordan's name down on the LOSS column of the contest list. She's one more point away from making the score even and having a chance at winning the whole contest. But can she take it all away from Jordan?


Jordan valiantly tries to fight off her attacker and though she gets a few good shots in, she's no match for Nikita's anger as the short haired tough gal bends and flexes her smaller opponent as she hoists her up for a short ceiling hold. Catching Jordan once again between her powerful thighs, Nikita crushes her victim until Jordan's face turns red from the crushing pressure. Out of desperation, Jordan resorts to dirty tactics with low blows and breast mauling but this only infuriates Nikita who then puts Jordan through an inverted leg lock lift, busting Jordan's knees and stretching her already weakened back in the process. Barely able to defend herself, Jordan goes all out in one last ditch attempt to stop Nikita in her tracks with vicious belly punching and bitch slapping but once again, her attacks are short lived as Nikita catches her opponent in a brutal camel clutch, fishing hooking her victim in the process.


Try as she may, poor Jordan is no match for Nikita's power and rage as the little red head is stretched and pummelled over and over.. but she won't submit. Not that Nikita's in a hurry for Jordan to quit as she's having a little much fun punishing and torturing her victim. With a cruel and final back torture hold, Nikita bear hugs the last of Jordan's strentgh before cranking her battered spine across the point of her knee, driving vicious fists into Jordan's belly before allowing poor Jordan to drop like a bag of potatoes onto the mats, finally submitted and defeated.

Giving Jordan one last humiliation, Nikita face sits her fallen foe before walking off, leaving the broken and battered Jordan to whimper in pain and in defeat...

41 minutes of non stop action with great back breakers and leg holds.. and a lot of mayhem..

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