LF277 DOUBLE OR NOTHING - featuring Jordan vs Kyla

38 minutes featuring TOS, hair pulling, breast mauling, hangman, wedgies, and all out cat fighting.

Kyla didn't enjoy her house cleaning punishment for having lost the last match against Jordan. So Jordan decides it's time to really teach Kyla a lesson by offering her the chance to redeem herself with a 'double of nothing' stakes competition. Who ever loses this contest will have to suffer cleaning the Ladyfist house for the next three months. Jordan lays out the challenges and Kyla is ready to fight it out and prove once and for all that's she's a lot tougher than she looks. but she has to at least win three contests first to even the score of her previous three round loss from the previous match in LF276. The stakes are high but Kyla is ready. The girls will test their will to win with separate rounds of Test of Strength, hair pulling, breast mauling, hangman contest and wedgies. And if the score is even at that point, the deciding contest will be an all out cat fight until one of them submits and has to suffer the humiliation of defeat, and three months of house cleaning. This will prove to be an interesting match as there is nothing more antagonistic as two red heads living under the same roof!

Jordan has the tally sheet ready to keep the scores and she's ready for war against Kyla. The girls lock hands and start pushing and pulling hard against each other, trying to impose their will over their opponent. Chest to chest, they struggle to get the advantage, with Jordan getting the upper hand at first by getting Kyla on the mats but it doesn't take long before the red head in curls, Kyla, manages to get Jordan turned over and on the mat to push down on her. Looking for the win, Kyla crushes a knee into Jordan's belly, squeezing the breath out of her and when Jordan is unable to push Kyla off, she has no choice but to submit the first round to Kyla, who is more than happy to scratch Jordan's name down on the LOSS column of the contest list.


Ready to redeem herself, Jordan squares off against Kyla as both girls grab hands full of red hair and start tugging and pulling to see who has the toughest hair, trying to rip the hair out at the roots and each girl tries to make the other submit. Down to the mats they go, trying to get better leverage in order to yank on the hair with more force. Grimacing through the pain, neither girl is ready to admit defeat as they role around, viciously pulling and yanking on each other's hair but in the end, Kyla proves to have the toughest hair and higher pain tolerance as Jordan howls her submission as she can't take anymore of the torture.. Once again, Kyla gleefully scratches Jordan's name down on the LOSS column of the contest list. She's one more point away from making the score even and having a chance at winning the whole contest. But can she take it all away from Jordan?


Pissed off at losing the first two rounds, Jordan is again determined not to let the next one slip through her fingers as the two hell cats position themselves for the hang man contest. Back to back and reaching over to hook their opponent's chin, the girls struggle to pull the other up and over for this painful hold. Though Jordan is known to be the stronger of the two, she didn't count of Kyla being able to use her shorter height to dip in under Jordan and hoist her up and stretch her out. Once Jordan's feet leave the mats, it's practically game over for her as Kyla pulls Jordan over even more, stretching her out. But it's not until Kyla goes down to her knees and drapes Jordan over that the pain starts digging into Jordan's back. As Jordan tries her best to 'hang in there', struggling against the pain, Kyla reaches under and pulls Jordan's feet in under her to lock them in and causing even more pain to Jordan's back. Unable to endure the pain, Jordan has to submit once again to Kyla.. Now that Kyla's won the first three matches, the score is even and it's a whole new ball game. Jordan thought she could win it all with a three win advantage from the previous match, but that advantage vanished with this last round. Jordan is left writhing in pain on the mats as the cocky Kyla once again scratches Jordan's name to the LOSS column.. Its a whole new game now...


Now comes the pain test. Breast mauling! This is where Jordan expects to win. As the two girls latch on to the other's breasts, they claw and maul away at each other, trying to inflict as much pain as possible in order to make the other one submit. And this is where they get vicious! Twisting and grinding away at each other's breasts, the girls aren't going to give up easily so the dirty tactics come out to play as one loses her grip on her opponent's breasts and has her arms pinned away, allowing her opponent to grind away freely at her opponent's breasts and nipples. Jordan threatens to rip Kyla's top off which infuriates the little curly haired red head into a vicious turn of brutal breast mauling on her own. Back and forth they go, trying to fight through the pain as fingernails and claws dig into the tender flesh. But This time, it's Jordan who gets the advantage and pins Kyla's arms back for a free range attack on Kyla's breasts. With her claws digging into Kyla's bare breasts, Jordan cruelly grinds away at Kyla's tender breasts until the poor girl has no choice but to submit for her first loss in this competition. This time, it's Jordan who gleefully jots down Kyla's name on the LOSS column..


Now it's time for the wedgie contest. This will prove to be a crucial turn of events as Kyla can't afford to lose this round. The girls face each other and reach around to grab the back of her opponen't shorts and the wedgies start to fly as the girls desparetly pull and yank up on the shorts, trying to get maximum effect of this nasty hold to entice her opponent to submit.. Desparate to win, the girls resort to dirty tactics as they go down to the mats. The hair pulling kicks in, arms pinned out of the way, anything to get the other girl to submit as the shorts grind their way up in a painful wedgie. Spanking, yanking, pulling, anything to get the other girl to submit. But for both girls, the stakes are high and neither wants to submit, but how long can they endure this type of punishment? But given enough time and pain, someone WILL submit.. and this time, it's Jordan. Not liking the sadistic moves employed by Jordan, Kyla gets fired up and delivers a suffciently cruel and lengthy wedgie that sends Jordan screaming her submission. Kyla scratches Jordan's name in the LOSS column. The score is now even.. and that means they must cat fight to decide the overall winner of the match.. and loser who has to be the cleaning wench of the Ladyfist house for three months!

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Now the girls pumped and ready to go to hell and back to get this last victory. The stakes are high as the loser has to suffer the humiliation of having lost the match, and being the house cleaning wench for three whole months. What follows is a non-stop vicious hell cat of a cat fight as the fur goes flying, so do the rules (rules, what rules?!) Hair pulling, wedgies, belly punching and back breakers fly as the girls trying to viciously punish the other in order to make her submit but these tough girls aren't going to give the other the satisfaction. Rolling around back and forth, they grind away at the breasts, painfully yank at each other's hair, slaps to the face, fists to the belly. Bone crushing body scissors are applied but it's not enough to get the win. The girls go viciously hard at each other, not ready to admit defeat but determined to come out of this as the winner. Slowly but surely, Jordan seems to come out ahead in the exchanges and poor Kyla is now desparately trying to defend herself but the slow road to pain is taking her down the path of submission as Jordan cruelly attacks Kyla until the exhausted and battered curly red head can't take it anymore.. and she has no choice but to admit defeat and loudly submit to her adversary. Once again Jordan emerges victorious against Kyla. Not satisfied with just winning the match, Jordan humliates her opponent by scratching Kyla's name on the tally sheet while it's resting on Kyla's chest.


Monaing and groaning from the final beat down, Kyla has to listen to Jordan as the victor describes to her fall foe as to what she has waiting for her at the house, and her chores..

38 minutes of non stop action as these two hell cats rip into each other as they fight on for glory.

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