LF276 REDHEAD RAGE - featuring Kyla vs Jordan

47 minutes non-scripted competitive style match with hair pulling, breast mauling, wedgies, belly punches and more.

Having been portrayed as the typical 'jobber girls' in previous videos, both Kyla and Jordan have something to prove. As this is their first video fight together, they've decided that a non-scripted competitive style match would be sufficient enough to decide who is the toughest of the two. To up the stakes, they also agreed that who ever taps out or submits the most during this match will have to be the Ladyfist household maid for a month. Standing at 5'0", both girls put it all out on the line as they rip into each other's hair, breasts and bellies, seeking to submit their opponent and walk away with the knowledge of who is the toughest of the two as these two redheads rage on the mats.

There had been a lot of trash talking behind the scenes between these two hell cats. Though they are typically portrayed as 'jobber girls' while fighting with the taller girls in scripted matches, both Kyla and Jordan are tougher than nails. Though both can take a lot of punishment, they can also dish it out with utmost viciousness. And they are eager to let the other know what pain is all about when locked in battle. Starting on the mats, the ladies lock up and the fight is quickly taken down to the mats where Jordan gets the advantage and straddles her opponent, pinning her arms down, allowing Jordan to drum slap the hell out of Kyla's breasts before the petite red head in curls tosses her opponent off and goes after her. Grabbing hand fulls of hair, they pull at each other trying to push their opponent to the mats to climb on top. At the early part of the match, Jordan clearly has the size advantage as she's able to pin and straddle her opponent, delivering painful slaps to the bare skin on Kyla's legs and breasts. Latching onto their tender parts, both girls test their resolve as they viciously maul at the other's breasts, trying to get a submission.


With fists flying deep into bellies, hair ripping out at the roots, the girls tear away at each other trying to win a submission over her opponent. Kyla gets Jordan pinned to the mats while straddling her and delivers a sharp bitch slap to the cheek before going to town on her breasts. As they roll around the mats, Jordan catches her opponent in a brutal cross body scissors and starts to clamp down the pressure. Kyla, realizing that she might not be able to hold out much longer, lets her fists fly and hammers on Jordan's ribs and belly, trying to force Jordan to release the hold. Back and forth they go, with the hair flying and the slaps flying, Jordan manages to trap Kyla and gives her a sharp wedgie to show the little girl who is boss. But what goes around, comes around as Jordan soon finds out as she's feeling the effects of a vicious wedgie herself. Testing each other, they claw at the breasts, trying to make the other submit but it's going to take a lot more than mere pain to cause one of these ladies to tap out. Eventually, after a long grinding body scissors, Kyla has no choice but to submit to Jordan. Dragged by the hair, Kyla is forced to mark her loss on the tally sheet as Jordan trash talks her. And that's round one after 17 minutes of non-stop action!


Frustrated and not impressed, Kyla is hell bound and determined to get the next submission on Jordan as they tear into each other again, this time with more fury than before. But once again, Jordan displays slightly more abilities in this style of match as she takes Kyla through various holds and maulings, but not without suffering scrapes of her own as Kyla retaliates as best as she can. Both women are working it hard, looking for that slightest of advantage in order to inflict enough pain and suffering onto her opponent to make her submit. Jordan caught Kyla in painful grapevines early in the match and Kyla fights to avoid these, but this leaves her vulnerable to other attacks as Jordan sets forth to dominate her opponent. Both women show signs of wear and tear as they try to finish the other one off. Kyla, though being on the receiving end of so many scissors, belly punches and breast mauling, still fights on with her own mauling, bitch slapping and hair pulling.. but will it be enough to fight off Jordan for the win?

47 minutes of non-stop action. Non-scripted, competitive style match between two viciously fierce red heads, who battle it out to the bitter end until one has to admit defeat and take the month long punishment of housecleaning..

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