LF275 Bunny Beat-down - featuring Bunny vs Jordan

34 minutes of non-stop catfight action featuring hair pulling, wedgies, back breakers, scissors and belly punching.

Back on the mats again is the dark eyed Bunny. Petite but full of sass, this little gal is ready to step up to the plate and make a name for herself. Facing off against Jordan, Bunny feels confident she can shake her jobber girl reputation and take down her red haired opponent. Jordan isn't ready to let Bunny have an easy ride in this match and she's ready to deliver one hell of a beat-down on the petite intruder. Tangling it up, Bunny shows she determination as she battles Jordan blow for blow, hold for hold, ripping at the hair and slamming fists into bellies.. But can the little Bunny carry this through to the end or will she face yet another horribly vicious beat-down?

Though both ladies are barely 5 feet tall, there is an apparent size difference when side by side. Jordan isn't impressed that Bunny, one of the classic Ladyfist girls, expects to get a free ride in the match and get a scripted win. Not today! So the war is on. As both ladies lock up, Bunny shows her determination and will to win by escaping some of Jordan's preliminary holds but not before she's belly punched and roughed up. Throwing caution to the wind, Bunny attacks her opponent, knowing that if she can weaken Jordan, the match is as good as won. But that's a long shot as Jordan tosses and attacks her smaller opponent with a flurry of fists and a hand full of hair. Trash talking, screaming, they rip into each other with vicious hatred. Bunny gets bent over Jordan's knee for a back breaker and pummeled in the belly before crashing onto the mats. But she does manage to leap onto Jordan and applies her own camel clutch before Jordan can shake her off. Back and forth they go, exchanging insults and punches, hair pulls and breast mauls, neither willing to show any signs of weakening.


Though Bunny is putting up a good fight in this fast paced match, she's slowly being whittled down as Jordan hammers on her tight little belly. Flattening out her victim on the mats, Jordan stomps and punches Bunny's limbs in order to render them useless, making it easier to control her smaller opponent. It doesn't take long before Jordan hoists Bunny up across the shoulders for a punishing back breaker, sapping a lot of the strength out of Bunny before she's dumped on the mats like yesterday's laundry. Pinning her opponent down, Jordan yanks on Bunny's shorts for a painful and humiliating wedgie while yanking back on her hair. Back and forth they roll, trying to gain an advantage but it's apparent that Jordan is easily handling her smaller adversary. But don't count out Bunny yet, though she's been the victim of numerous beat downs in the past, she's not ready to submit this match. With fierce determination, she catches Jordan off guard and attacks her with vicious breast mauling and wedgies. Pinning the red haired girl down, Bunny tries to deliver brutal punches to the belly, but the previous stomps to the limbs are making it harder for her to swing her arms and cause any damage. It doesn't take Jordan long to turn the tables and now it's beat-down time!


Battered and exhausted, but still determined to win, poor Bunny can't seem to get ahead in the match as Jordan overwhelms Bunny with brutal belly punches and back breakers, taking the fight to a new level that Bunny's never been to before. Weakened and unable to mount any amount of defense, poor Bunny is tossed around like a rag doll, dragged around by the hair and folded over like a limp noodle. Back breaking torture and ferocious belly punching marks the beginning of the end for Bunny as she can no longer endure the punishment delivered by Jordan and has no other choice but to submit. But not before Jordan gets a few last blows in for good measure.


Fast paces and brutal, this is a match that will appeal to belly punching, back breaker and hair pulling fans..

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