LF274 Taylor Made Beatdown - featuring Taylor vs Ema

32 minutes of one sided beat down with lots of belly blasting punches including breast mauling and back breakers.

In this three clip video compilation from the past Members area, Taylor has the pleasure of breaking in the new masked girl Ema, and she's ready to have evil fun at the new girl's expense. As the two girls square off, Ema is ready to do battle and prove herself but she's never encountered someone like Taylor and it doesn't take long for the long haired brunette to be on the receiving end of a vicious belly punching and a downright nasty beatdown as Taylor deliciously destroys Ema's belly and makes her repeatedly submit out loud as Taylor mocks and humiliates the new girl to a crying sobbing mess.

In the first clip, Taylor meets Ema for the first time and right away its apparent that Taylor has something nasty planned for the new masked girl. But Ema, showing no fear, stands up to Taylor and the two begin posturing by shoving away at each other until Taylor takes her opponent down to the mats.. and the fun begins. Caught by surprise, Ema is quickly straddled and on the receiving end of Taylor's wandering hands. Taylor traps Ema in a painful camel clutch and goes to work on the new girl's lower back but Ema manages to break free before Taylor can cause much damage. Ema manages to deliver a few blows on Taylor before she's once again taken down and the brown haired Taylor goes after her opponent with a vengeance. The scrap match that ensues sees belly punches, hair pulling and some interesting holds before Taylor eventually traps Ema with a camel clutch, allowing her to maul Ema's tender breasts. Unable to endure Taylor's sharp nails, Ema has no choice but to tap out and roll away in pain.


The next segment sees Taylor playfully introducing herself.. and her victim whom she has trapped beneath her. With her hands locked in under her, Ema is completely helpless as her belly and chest are cruelly exposed to Taylor's wandering hands and belly busting punches. Playing with her victim as a cat would with a mouse, Taylor cruelly torments Ema before dropping fists into her stretched out belly. Unable to defend herself, Ema is still determined to tough it out and not submit to Taylor but how much of this cruel punishment can anyone's belly take? Taylor grabs Ema's hands from underneath and pulls to arch her victim's body even more to make the next round of belly punches more devastating. After much suffering, Ema is able to squirm out of this trapping hold but Taylor is on her like a hawk. Taylor removes her own bikini top and binds Ema's hands with it so that she can continue with her torturous play time until Ema once again has no choice but to submit after such brutal belly destruction.


In the final segment, Taylor is once again gloating to the camera, ready to show us her new hobby, Ema on the Blue Ball of Pain.. Bound and trapped over the Blue Ball, Ema isn't going anywhere except the hurt locker as Taylor rains punch after punch into the raven haired Ema's belly, causing Ema to convulse and howl as Taylor drops fist after fist into Ema's already battered and tortured belly. Enjoying her handy work, Taylor paws away at Ema's battered body, drops fists into Ema's belly as the masked girl is unable to tolerate any more punishment. Sobbing and crying, Ema has no choice but to once again submit to Taylor to make this nightmare come to an end. Content that she's made her point with Ema, Taylor unceremoniously dumps Ema off of the Blue Ball, leaving poor Ema sobbing and crying, and in pain. As this was Ema's first match on the mats, you now understand why she always had a huge hate-on for Taylor...

Vicious and brutal one sided belly busting beatdown, Taylor made for Ema's rock hard abs.

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