LF273 Jobber Girl Owned - featuring Nikita vs Kayla

35 minutes of non-stop back and forth action with vicious hair pulling, belly punches, back breakers and crushing.

Petite Kayla stand but a mere 5'0" but don't let size fool you, this vicious little tigress can take down the largest of prey and finish them off like it was yesterday's lunch. But when she faces off against the newer girl, Nikita, the little red head might be biting off more than she can chew as the 5'8" Nikita puts a beating on Kayla like no one has before.. but not without getting her own beating in the process. What works out to be much of a back and forth battle between these two red heads gradually grinds down to a one way beat down as the war of attrition wears down on the smaller Kayla and she's beaten until she submits to the bigger Nikita.

The fur starts to fly right away as these two hell cats face off on the mats. Name calling aside, Nikita doesn't feel Kayla has much to offer fight wise and is ready to kick her ass to prove she's a proper jobber girl. But Kayla, never one to back down from any fight, is ready to do battle to prove Nikita wrong and show everyone that she can indeed kick anyone's ass. As the girls lock up, it's soon apparent that though there is a huge size and weight difference, the little girl Kayla is a lot strong and tougher than she looks as she easily parries Nikita's attacks and launches her own flurry of belly punches and holds. Nikita uses her weight advantage and takes every opportunity to get on top of her smaller opponent to crush the breath out of her, and make Kayla carry Nikita's weight to wear her down. But Kayla seems to manage to crawl out from under her larger adversary and delivery her own attacks in return. Trading holds, Camel Clutches and pins, the girls savagely battle on, trying to gain some kind of advantage over the other but it would seem they are equally matched, though not in size. Nikita, sensing she's got to ramp up the pressure on Kayla, goes for the vicious hair pulls, literally dragging her opponent across the mat by the hair. Since Kayla's wearing the stretchy shorts, Nikita is more than happy to see how much of a stretch they have by applying vicious wedgies to her victim, causing Kayla to squirm and howl in pain.


Enraged, Kayla lunges after her opponent and gets in her own scissors and camel clutches, mauling Nikita's breasts and yanking back on her hair in retaliation, and when ever possible, drives her fist deep into Nikita's belly, often causing the bigger girl to stagger back to catch her breath. Once again, this turns into a battle of attrition where each girl attempts to wear out her opponent for the win, but it won't be an easy victory. Little by little, Kayla starts to show the signs of exhaustion as Nikita keeps up the pressure. All the scissors and full body crushes takes a toll on the little girl as she continues to bring the fight to the little red head. Try as she may, Kayla can only do so much to stem the onslaught and she's soon on the receiving end of a one sided beat down. Sensing victory is within her grasp, Nikita declares she's going to 'own' Kayla as a jobber girl, whether she likes it or not.. This fires up Kayla to fight back harder but there's little she can do as the bigger Nikita continues her attacks with scissors, back breakers, wedgies, brutal hair pulling and boston crab holds. Slowly but surely, Kayla is breaking down and can't offer much resistance..


With her victim all but destroyed, Nikita hoists poor little Kayla up and across her shoulders for a prolonged back breaker. While pulling down on the girl's thighs, Nikita adds to the torture by pulling Kayla down even more by a hand full of hair.. Unable to endure the punishment, Kayla has to submit to her formidable attacker and admit she's been owned and defeated. Unceremoniously dumped to the mats, Kayla is treated to another humiliating wedgie on her way down from Nikita's shoulders. But the humiliation continues as the 160 lbs Nikita sits on her defeated opponent for the victory pose before leaving Kayla on the mats, beaten and defeated, to contemplate on her loss.

Vicious hair pulls and back breaker holds, body crushing scissors and more highlight this match. Though mostly scripted, the action between holds is unscripted to see who would emerge the victor. The girls pushed hard to determine would end up on top.

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