LF271 Pin or Punch - featuring Jordan vs Kelly

40 minutes of non-stop action featuring belly punching, back breakers, hair pulling and pinning attempts...

There's a lot of hatred between these two hell cats, and they're back to prove who is the toughest. Though Kelly is much taller than Jordan, their disdain for each other is equally matched. Trading belly punches and back breakers in order to weaken their opponent, the girls then try to pin her adversary for the three count and the win. But they soon found out it's easier said than done to pin an opponent unless you have them properly weakened and beaten first. This is one hell of an epic battle where no quarter is asked, and none given as the non-stop war rages on to the bitter end...

Squaring off on the mats, Kelly and Jordan lock it up, collar and elbow style, pulling and pushing, looking for the one opening that will allow them to gain the advantage. With one swift punch, Jordan drops Kelly and leaps onto her opponent, pinning back Kelly's arms to get full access to the tall girl's abs for dropping bombs into her belly button. Breaking free, the tall red haired girl Kelly gets a hold of Jordanand returns the favour with her own series of punches to the abs. As the girls lunge at each other, time and time again, they fight for position to trap their opponent in holds that will allow them to wail fist after fist into the abs, hoping to weaken their opponent and then get the pin. But as they soon find out, it will take a lot more battle to weaken the other one down sufficiently enough to finish the match with a pin fall submission. Camel clutches and back breakers, the girls attempt to break the other girl's will to fight. Kelly attempts to hoist Jordan up and across the shoulders for a crippling back breaker but Jordan fights it off and goes on the attack. But soon enough, Kelly drapes her opponent across the knee for a back breaker, and drops a couple of brutal bombs to Jordan's outstretched abs. Just barely able to recover from that attack, Jordan mounts her own onslaught and takes down Kelly and wails away at her abs again and again. But will it be enough to weaken the tall girl for the pin fall?


Unable to pin her opponent, Jordan is tossed aside and made to suffer with brutal stomps and gut shots as Kelly works over her smaller opponent. Using her weight and flexibility, Kelly drops all her weight onto Jordan's belly as she drops with a leg split over Jordan. Pinning Jordan arms out of the way, Kelly blasts away at her opponent's belly with massive gut shots.. To drive home her point, Kelly finally hoists her opponent up high across the shoulders, trying to break Jordan's back, weakening her enough for the pin. But will it be enough? Struggling to get up, Jordan goes on the attack, weaker than when she started the match, she catches Kelly with solid gut shots. Both women are getting weaker as the match progresses, a true battle of attrition.. who will be able to tough it out the longest and yet still be able to pin her opponent for the win? Stomps and knees driven to the belly blasts the breath out of the girls, weakening them even further but neither is willing to submit or admit defeat, they desperately battle on, each hoping to tire their opponent out first and be able to win the match with a pin fall submission..


Battered, broken but not giving up, both women hammer away at each other without pause. Slamming huge knee drops to Jordan's back and belly, Kelly feels she's got this one in the bag but a desperate swing for the fences from Jordan nails Kelly square in the belly, stopping the tall girl in her tracks. Back and forth they rage, slamming fists into belly, rolling over like in a drunken stupor trying to get the pin but to be tossed aside... Exhausted, battered and weakened from this hellacious fight to the finish, who will emerge victorious? Who has that one last swing or strength left to pin the other to the mat and crawl away victorious? There's only one way to find out..

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