LF268 Had Enough? - featuring Peggy vs Kyla

34 minutes of vicious hair pulling, belly punches, camel clutches, wedgies and face sitting action.

Everyone under-estimates 5'0" Kyla's abilities on the mats and 5'10" Peggy is no exception. The taller pale skinned red head can hardly believe that the more powerfully built Kelly was taken down by the "Wee One" as Kyla is know around here. Peggy doesn't take the match seriously enough when she's facing Kyla but soon her tone changes as she quickly discovers that Kyla doesn't play games.. and now, neither does Peggy. What ensues is one of those match that completely goes off script as these two red heads wage a brutal war on each other from which only one can emerge victorious as the other is left beaten, battered and crying on the mats.

Kyla and Peggy face off on the mats and it's easy to tell that Peggy doesn't have much respect for Kyla at this point. As they lock up in a Test of Strength contest, it would seem that the light framed taller girl can actually handle the smaller hell cat as she gets on top of Kyla and starts to mess with her hair, yanking and pulling as she tosses her little opponent to and fro before putting her into a camel clutch and pulling Kyla back by the hair. Peggy then cheerfully wedgies her opponent. It's starting to appear that Kyla has met her match as Peggy seems to easily dominate the little wee one. But once they get back up on their feet, Kyla isn't happy with Peggy's carefree attitude and feel's she's being clowned around a bit too much, so she decks Peggy in the abs, sending the taller girl down with one shot. Now it's Peggy's turn to feel the fury as Kyla rips into Peggy's hair and cranks her lower spine with a camel clutch of her own. Not happy just hurting her opponent, Kyla rips Peggy's top off to expose her alabaster white breasts and mauls them to shreds. Now we're seeing Peggy taking this match a lot more seriously when she gets back up on her feet as she in turn drops Kyla with a single punch to the gut. Ripping into each other's hair, these two hell cats have something to prove at the expense of the other.  Kicking at each other, pulling hair and belly punching, neither is willing to concede to her opponent. When Peggy grabs Kyla's breasts and starts to maul away, Kyla gets pissed and drops Peggy again with a single gut punch, and kicks at Peggy while she's down. Now Peggy is in real trouble as Kyla starts going 'off script' and delivers some brutal back benders and shots to establish to Peggy that she's not to be made a fool of.


Between takes, bad blood spill over into the next scenes as Kyla dominates her taller opponent with a face sit and bitch slapping as she shows Peggy who really is tougher. Poor Peggy, unable to shake off the wee one, suffers breast mauling and nipple torture. Kyla isn't giving Peggy one once of pity as she works her over. Dazes, Peggy manages one desperate punch that drops Kyla to the mat, giving Peggy the opportunity to go to work on her smaller adversary. Face sitting Kyla, Peggy goes to work on Kyla's breasts before slamming fists into Kyla's exposed belly.. But with a smile on her face, Kyla manages to push Peggy off her face and puts the boots to her before going to town on the pale skinned red head. Crushing scissors and hair pulling, Kyla torments her opponent as she puts the hurt on. Kyla gets her opponent in a variety of holds, stretching her opponent out before sitting on her face once again and dropping sharp fists into Peggy's exposed belly and stretched out ribs. The red marks on Peggy's skin show the damage being done. But don't count out Peggy yet, sensing she's in big trouble, Peggy gets her own licks in as she's able to get Kyla pinned and drops her own punches to the wee one's belly, as well as some loud stinging slaps on her ass as she wedgies Kyla once again, just for effect.


But in the end, Kyla wants to prove to everyone that she can take down anyone before her and she makes an example out of Peggy. As resilient as she is, Peggy's pale white skin shows the scars of battle from Kyla's sadistic abuse. Asked if she's had enough, Peggy refuses to submit, which is music to Kyla's ears as she can brutalize her opponent even more before the inevitable outcome.. Pinning Peggy underneath her, Kyla rains one sharp fist after another into Peggy's battered belly and ribs. Eventually, after much mauling, hair pulling and belly punching, Peggy has to submit as she's being beaten to pulp, sobbing and crying in defeat.. Once again, Kyla emerges victorious against a much taller opponent, albeit less experienced on the mats. But could the "Wee One" manage a more capable and experienced fighter? Who will be brave enough to step up to the plate and put this little red haired terror in her proper place.. So far, no one has..

Brutal back and forth fight action between two head strong red heads make for one hell of a fight video!

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