LF267 Wedgie Betrayal - featuring Absynthe vs Kelly & Jordan (Custom Video)

43 minutes of pantsing, wedgies, spanking and trash talking 2 on 1 action.. a wedgie fan's dream video!

Still fuming over her humiliating wedgie beat down by Kelly in LF265, Absynthe is seething with rage and seeks revenge with the help of Jordan. Unfortunately, Absynthe pissed off Jordan in the process of seeking her assistance, and when the two little women face off against the much taller Kelly, that's when Absynthe discovers she's in for one more hellacious wedgie beat down like never before as her two adversaries pull Absynthe's pants down to her ankles and administer one brutal wedgie after another, making fun of her polka dot undies as they bully Absynthe from one humiliating and painful wedgie after another...

After being utterly beaten down with wedgies by Kelly in a previous video, petite Absynthe simply wants revenge and she solicits the help of Jordan in this task. But in the process of explaining what she has planned for the amazon girl, Absynthe ends up insulting Jordan in the process. Absynthe vows to everyone that Kelly is going to get the wedgie of a lifetime before storming off.. and Jordan has a sly look on her face that might indicate something else is in the works. Confronting Kelly on the mats with Jordan close behind her, Absynthe tells Kelly to get ready for the best one sided wedgie beat down she's ever seen.. and before she can get another word out, Jordan yanks Absynthe's pants down to her ankles. Spinning around to face Jordan in total surprise at the betrayal, Absynthe is viciously wedgied from behind as Kelly grabs a hand full of undies and yanks up which sends Absynthe up to her tippy toes before crashing back down to the mats in a confused state.. Jordan explains that she shouldn't have insulted the one person that might have helped out against Kelly but now, as usual, Absynthe has to pay the price for her defiant and arrogant ways.. and let the wedgie beat down begin!

Taking turns holding down their victim, Kelly and Jordan pull Absynthe's pants down to her ankles to expose her beautiful assets as the other pulls on her undies, delivering one painful wedgie after another. As both girls admire their handiwork, they can't help but make fun of Absynthe's silly looking choice of undies, polka dots and bows. Every time the two girls let Absynthe free, the poor humiliated Absynthe squirms on the mat trying to pick out her wedgie and pull her pants back up before she's set upon again by her assailants for another round of pantsing and wedgies. With such gorgeous assets hanging out, the two girls have no choice but to slap and spank that ass as they continue to humiliate Absynthe with more vicious wedgies. Again, when ever released from their grip, Absynthe scrambles to pick out her wedgie and pull up her pants in embarrassment. Bad enough being victim of a 2 on 1 beat down, and being pantsed, and being wedgied, but all that while wearing the least flattering undies on laundry day?! Poor Absynthe..


Picked up and nearly suspended off her feet by her undies, Absynthe rides the wedgies in excruciating pain as her two adversaries have fun in making Absynthe's life as miserable as possible. Jordan and Kelly gleefully go after Absynthe pride and ego with more pantsing and wedgies, spanking her cute little behind while Absynthe tries to scramble away but it's no good, she's trapped and she's in for a cruel and unforgiving wedgie beat down ever! Kelly and Jordan take turns at leading the attack as they try to out do each other with a variety of holds and positions to make Absynthe as uncomfortable as possible with wedgies and spankings. Wearing $20 undies with $7 of it wedged isn't a good thing..



Back and forth, like the high school bullies they were back in the day, Jordan and Kelly torment and humiliate their petite victim, pantsing her, wedgies and spankings galore. When Kelly demands that Absynthe announce who the queen of wedgies is, she's not happy with Absynthe's response.. so what's a girl to do? Poor Absynthe finds out the hard way as she's suspended at the end of a rope by the undies, a cruel and painful wedgie like never before as both Kelly and Jordan leave Absynthe hanging there on her tippy toes with a message inscribed on her cheeks for everyone to see as they leave their victim to contemplate her fate...

Humiliated, embarrassed, Absynthe finally manages to free herself.. and as she crawls away, picking out her wedgie and trying to pull her pants back up, Absynthe vows revenge.. revenge.. revenge...?!

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