LF266 - DO Something! - featuring Kelly vs Kyla

37 Minutes back and forth action with camel clutch, cheap shots, boston crabs, back breakers and hair pulling...

5'10" Kelly was asked to break in the new girl Kyla. Standing but a mere 5'0" and 105 lbs, this petite red head was supposed to play the 'jobber girl' role for her first video, which is customary here, but Kyla didn't take too kindly to Kelly's bully tactics and she wouldn't play along with the script, which annoyed the hell out of Kelly. As both girls get frustrated with each other, Kyla's true strength and skills come to the surface and Kelly is made to pay the price every time she tries to impose her dominance over the little red head. What was supposed to be a one sided beat down training video for the new girl broke down and became a 'tiny vs monster' beat down like never before. Poor Kelly, you simply can't read a book by it's cover!

Being one of the tallest and strongest girls on the mats around here, Kelly has taken it upon herself to dominate over the other girls, especially since most are shorter and much lighter than she is. So when she was asked to break in the new girl, Kelly saw this as another opportunity to establish herself as the top fighter in front of the new girl. Tiny and quiet, Kyla wasn't to concerned about playing the 'jobber girl' role for this video but she didn't seem to have her heart set to the role. Kelly was getting a little frustrated with the new girl's attitude so decided to make it a little rougher to liven things up. When the girls lock up for a Test of Strength, petite Kyla tried to fight back but also give a little so Kelly could 'dominate' her and put her to the mat for the next round of training holds.. and this is where Kelly decides to play a little dirty. Yanking back on Kyla's red hair while caught in a camel clutch, Kelly wants to make sure Kyla knows who is in charge and whom not to mess around with. Putting the little girl in various holds, Kelly would sneak in nasty little extras, mostly hidden to the camera but the effects are telling as Kyla starts to get quite annoyed with this situation, especially when Kelly unexpectedly yanks on a painful wedgie to the new girl. With her superior size and weight advantage, Kelly has nothing to fear from this little girl, how tough could she really be?! Well after a couple of cheap shots and a few dirty tricks, Kelly finds out as Kyla drifts her in the belly with a punch that catches her by surprise, gasping for breathe.. Satisfied that she's made her point, Kyla is ready to get back to work but the trash talking by Kelly, "you hit like a little girl" sends Kyla into a rampage that rains a few more solid punches to Kelly abs and to the ribs. Not wanting to show weakness, Kelly tries to laugh it off but some of those shots dug in deeper. Whereas Kyla seems to know what to do to keep the big girl down, Kelly seems lost at what she should try next, causing Kyla to taunt Kelly to "DO Something!"


Every time Kelly goes to put a hold on Kyla, she ends up sneaking in a nasty extra that simply annoys the hell out of Kyla but the little red head keeps her cool and tries to finish off the video the way it was scripted. But sure enough, Kelly over steps the line and Kyla hails kicks and stomps into her larger opponent, knocking Kelly to the mat where Kyla stalks her like a lioness on the hunt, looking for an opening to send in a kick to the ribs. Now things are heating up.. Half way through this training video, something snaps on Kyla and she literally manages to push her much heavier opponent off of her and climbs on top of Kelly to pin her to the mat and goes to town on her antagonist. Knowing that Kelly hates having anyone touch her face for any reason, Kyla manages to trap Kelly's arms under her and bitch slaps her opponent with impunity. Kelly isn't able to do much about it and she's getting furious. Exchanging holds and punches, the two hell cats are fired up and they just want to make the other one suffer.. When Kelly gets Kyla caught in a cross knee back breaker, Kyla can't seem to break out of it as she's bent far back. But once she's freed, she ignores the pain and goes in for the attack, and she's not backing down!


Kelly has her hands full with this little girl. She greatly underestimated her opponent and she's paying the price for it.. Bruises appear on her legs and ribs from the kicks, stomps and punches from Kyla. These two girls do have a liking for each other as they go back and forth in their match. Forget the training, this turned into a war of attrition and will power. Towards the end, Kelly decides that she'll merely face sit her opponent into submission and that will be the end of it. But Kyla had other ideas. Though Kelly parks her ass on Kyla's face, she's not able to keep the little red head down long as Kyla arches out of the hold and jumps into Kelly, raining more punches and kicks to the ribs.. Frustrated, Kelly yanks her opponent back down to the mats to try it again but once again, Kyla wriggles out of the hold and again hammers hard on Kelly's ribs. Belly punches can be absorbed, but shots to the ribs hurt.. a lot. Finally, Kyla imposes her will and dominance on Kelly and its the big girl's turn to feel the full humiliation of not only being face sat into submission, but by a much much smaller opponent. Kyla has skills, strength and a high pain tolerance.. and a determination that she won't be anyone's jobber girl if she doesn't want to be.

At the end of the video, Kyla exclaims how tough she is for such a wee little lass as a warning to the other girls who might have ideas of taking her on.. In the background, still laying on the mats, Kelly couldn't keep her mouth shut and pays the price as Kyla rains another flurry of kicks and punches, just to make her point..  Now THIS is a little girl who's alligator mouth can write checks that her hummingbird ass CAN cash!

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