LF265 - Wedgie Destruction - featuring Absynthe vs Kelly (Custom Video)

48 Minutes of one sided beat down with brutal wedgies, painful wedgies, it's all about wedgies...

Petite Absynthe is once again stepping into dangerous waters as she confronts 5'10" Kelly on the mats. Not having learned her lesson from the previous brutal beatdown, Absynthe is ready to settle the score once and for all. And she's brought her checkbook with her. Unfortunately for our little Jobber Girl Absynthe, her mouth is still writing checks that her hummingbird ass can't cash.. but in this video, it's her ass that will be paying the price! Absynthe foolishly sneaks in a wedgie on Kelly and that sets the tone for the rest of the video as Kelly gladly seeks revenge on Absynthe with nothing but wedgies.. tons of them! From all angles and position, Kelly wedgies Absynthe over and over again. But the little girl is too defiant and proud to call it quits.. she does fight back, a little but every time she does, it angers Kelly who inflicts even more devastating wedgies on her tiny little victim.

Kelly is working out on the mats, talking to herself how she's so tough and how the 'little girls' best not mess with her, just as Absynthe comes walking and starts to trash talk Kelly about her size. Kelly, is by no means afraid of Absynthe and lets her guard down long enough for Absynthe get yank up a wedgie on Kelly. Absynthe prances around Kelly, mocking the bigger girl as she's picking her bikini bottoms out of her ass. Kelly is not one bit happy with that move, Kelly rips into Absynthe to give her a taste of her own medicine..And let the wedgie destruction begin! Almost lifted off her feet by a brutal wedgie, Absynthe howls in pain as she tippy toes around the mat as Kelly yanks up on Absynthe's black shorts. Two hands pulling hard on fabric, painfully cleaving Absynthe's butt cheeks until she lets the little girl drop to the mat where Absynthe desperately tries to un-wedgie herself, writhing from the pain. But its not long before Kelly grabs her little victim again and starts the whole process over and over again, yanking as hard as she can to inflict humiliating pain on her victim.. Poor Absynthe, her beautiful hummingbird ass is paying the price for her arrogance and defiant attitude. Kelly gets inventive as she bends Absynthe's back over her feet while pulling back on her arms.. but her toes are hooked into Absynthe's bottoms, wedgying her while being back broken.


But Absynthe, ever defiant, refuses to quit or run away, she manages to land one solid belly punch on Kelly that catches the bigger girl by surprise, but not enough to stop her. Angered, Kelly rips into Absynthe's black shorts again, ripping them up as high as she can to inflict pain on Absynthe's tender assets. Pinned to the mat with Kelly on top, Absynthe suffers one humiliating wedgie after another. Kelly even uses Absynthe's bikini top straps to loop into her bottoms to increase the wedgie pressure as she pulls up on the strings. Upside down, suspended from Kelly's shoulders, Absynthe feels the crunch of the wedgies as Kelly tortures Absynthe's ass with non-stop wedgies. Realizing she's in for a brutal beatdown, Absynthe gets two solid cheap shots on her opponent with hopes of slowing down Kelly but all she did with that was to really piss off Kelly... and that's a bad thing!


Poor Absynthe, she should have learned by now not to mess with the big girls as her beautiful hummingbird ass is being punished for trying to cash all those checks her alligator mouth was writing. Walked like a dog by the wedgie, rolled over onto Kelly's knee and wedgied, yanked up by the hair and wedgied, Absynthe feels it all where it hurts the most. Kelly is in her element; beating down little jobber girls who don't know their proper place. And she does so with such glee in her heart. There's nothing as spectacular as watching a beautiful and strong women enjoying her work. Beaten, broken, cleaved and wedgied beyond belief, poor Absynthe still won't admit defeat, but since Kelly is on a tight schedule and can't stay to continue this long drawn out beatdown, she's not leaving before leaving Absynthe hogtied with her bikini straps tied up in such a manner to leave her with a lasting wedgie.



The tighter the knots, the more painful the wedgie, and the more Absynthe struggles, the more the wedgie is applied and hurts. She's stuck where she is as Kelly walks away, happy of a job well done.. Absynthe does manage to break free, and she crawls away in pain, she vows that one way or another, she will get her revenge on Kelly.. one day... one day...

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