LF264 - Sarah'Naded - featuring Sarah vs Pixie

35 Minutes featuring comp match, wedgies, belly punching, camel clutch, boston crab and hair pulling

Compiled into this video are four clips from the site's members area.

When Sarah joined the roster a few years back, she gained a lot of fans for her beauty, strength and toughness. Naturally, this fighter wanted to match up against the best and she set her sights on none other that the resident tough girl, Pixie. Never taking any guff from the new girls, Pixie is always quick to put them in their places, with telling effect. But not always. Evenly matched at 5'0" and equally determined to dominate the other, the two fighters go all out in their continuing war of attrition. Included in this video are video clips from the members area showcasing their epic battles.

In the first clip, the girl test their mettle with a competitive style match. Its a free for all as they roll around yanking away at each other's hair and trying to gain the upper hand in order to submit their opponent. Pixie's ability to entangle her opponents with her short but powerful legs have great effect in taking down her stronger but less experienced opponent as she dominates Sarah.


In the second clip, Pixie isn't impressed with Sarah showing off her muscles and she challenges the new comer to a one for one belly punching contest. A veteran of these contests, Pixie figures she can make a snack out of Sarah with her tiny but brutal fists but as the blows are exchanged, Pixie soon realizes, much to her dismay, that Sarah's abs are rock hard and she punches like a Mac truck! Each punch to the gut takes a lot out of Pixie but she refuses to admit she's outclassed. But will she survive long enough to dominate Sarah?

In the third clip, now that Sarah has gained some experience while fighting the other girls, Pixie decides to take the tough girl down a notch or two. After a brutal grappling round, Pixie manages to subdue her opponent and to make sure the lesson is well learned, Pixie removes Sarah's bikini top and binds her hands behind her back, leaving poor Sarah totally helpless and vulnerable. Pixie delivers vicious wedgies and a few choice holds as Sarah struggles to keep her chest pressed to the mat but in the end, Pixie knows how to defeat her opponents, even if it means face planting her victim into the cold hard grey mats...


In the fourth and final clip, Sarah is still determined that she can actually defeat the little red head in dreads but it doesn't take Pixie long to put Sarah back in the hot seat with an excruciating round of brutal wedgies that leaves poor Sarah on her tippy toes and howling in pain. Pixie relentlessly pulls at Sarah's bottoms, inflicting pain and suffering to Sarah's pride like never before...

Sarah fans are going to love this video as she gets her licks in on Pixie, but unfortunately for Sarah, she's mostly on the wrong end of a beatdown.

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