LF263 - Broken Submission- featuring Kelly vs Peggy

45 Minutes of one sided beat down with Camel Clutch, Boston Crab, Back Breakers, leg locks and face sit..

Standing tall at 5'11", the new girl Peggy isn't easily intimidated by her shorter but more powerful opponent, 5'10" red haired Kelly. Known for her short temper and flair for destroying smaller victims, Kelly takes this opportunity to teach Peggy a few things about life on the mats. Though Peggy takes down Kelly early in the match, that's about the last time the new girl gets any breaks in the back as Kelly sets forth to break Peggy in two with brutal camel clutches, back breakers and figure four leg locks before finally breaking Peggy down for a submission. So much for the new girl making a mark for herself around here.. except for the marks on her pale white skin...

Newly arrived to the area, Peggy wanted to face off against Kelly, without doubt one of the more powerful and dangerous fighters at the Ladyfist house. As they say around here, "go big or stay home".. Kelly is a little surprised that the light framed Peggy would dare attempt such a match but she's all game for destroying yet another victim. Locking hands for a test of strength contest, Peggy shows some promise as she's not easily pushed around but she does manage to lock Kelly in a painful boston crab. Pissed at being caught in such a hold by the new girl, Kelly vows to show Peggy how things work around here. Easily slipping out of Peggy's grasps, Kelly traps Peggy in a vicious Camel Clutch, stretching her all the way back.. But to add insult to injury, Kelly removes Peggy's bikini top and uses it against her for more leverage in this painful hold. But it's nothing compared to the cross knee back breaker. Draping her opponent across her knee, Kelly stretches out her victim, drilling a finger deep into Peggy's belly button.. But the new girl isn't ready to quit.. she's still got a lot of fight left in her..


All Kelly wants to do is punish her opponent, using every dirty tactic at her disposal. Viciously applying wedgies to Peggy, the amazon Kelly is enjoying herself as she trash talks Peggy down a notch or two before hoisting her up high across the shoulders. Helpless and trapped, poor Peggy is stretched out and mauled in this brutal hold. But it's nothing compared to what Kelly has in store for her victim. Stretching Peggy out in the Boston Crab, Kelly is out to hurt her opponent. Vicious wedgies are par for course as Kelly seeks to hurt her opponent. Back breakers are held torturously long, causing Peggy to sob in pain. But it's nothing compared to the brutal figure four leg lock she inflicts upon the new girl. Every time Kelly asks for Peggy to submit she's greeted with the same defiant response of no!


Now that she has Peggy's leg crippled up, Kelly literally gnaws on her opponent's toes, sending shrieks of pain through Peggy as Kelly bites her way down Peggy's leg, leaving little teeth marks on Peggy's soft pale skin.. Kelly goes all out in trying to brutalize and torture her victim, hoping that she won't submit too soon and take Kelly's fun away from her. With powerful thighs crushing the fight out of Peggy, Kelly dominates her opponent with style as she face sits Peggy.. and the new girl can only take so much beatdown and humiliation before calling it quits. But it doesn't stop there, Kelly really wants to show Peggy the error of her ways when she challenged Kelly.



Broken, submitted and defeated, Peggy is left sobbing on the mats. In contrast, Kelly, victorious and proud of her win on the mats, can't help but rub salt in the wounds as she does a victory pose for the camera.. Kelly has found her niche on the mats.. she wants everyone to know she's the meanest and most powerful diva on the ladyfist mats.


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