LF261 - Hooked Battle Heels - featuring Jordan vs Kelly (Custom Video)

41 Minutes of fish hooks, heels, camel clutch, back breakers, hair pulling, breast mauling and mayhem

Each having defeated Ema in their respective "Heels and Hooks" themed custom videos, Kelly and Jordan bask in their glory reminiscing of their victories. But it soon turns sour when Jordan takes exception to Kelly's comments that there's not way the little red head could have defeated Ema and the fight is on! Using everything at their disposal, heels, hooks and the sofa, these two hell cats have something to prove as they wage war to see who will be the ultimate champion of the "Heels and Hooks" matches.

Being the tallest girl at Ladyfist, Kelly isn't surprised she was able to beat down Ema in her match and finds it difficult to believe that her smaller adversary could actually take down Ema in her match. Jordan, though smaller, takes exception with Kelly's comments and challenges the taller red hair fighter to a hooks and heels match of their own and the war is on! Kelly doesn't waste any time going after Jordan but it's Jordan who gets the first hook in and yanks Kelly down and proceeds to rip her mouth wide with fingers hooked in her mouth. Using the sofa to great advantage, Jordan pushes Kelly over the arm rest, bending her in two and pins Kelly's wrists to the floor with her heels, allowing her to fish hook Kelly. But once Kelly manages to break free, it's now Jordan's turn on the other side of the sofa and is greeted with a sharp heel in the belly button before being fish hooked herself. The tables turn often in this wild mayhem of a fight as each girl traps the other and proceeds to torture her with fish hooks and heels to various tender parts of the body. Being caught in a camel clutch is nasty as Kelly's long legs wrenches back on poor Jordan as she's fish hooked. Kelly takes great delight in being able to use her size advantage and flexibility against her smaller opponent but it also leaves her somewhat vulnerable to counter attacks as Jordan fights back and gets her own heels into Kelly's tender parts and fish hooks her mouth wide.


Name calling and trash talking their way through this battle, the girls each get their digs in with the heels and hooks as they try to gain dominance over their opponent. When trapped, the girls are not shy about biting one other, trying to escape before the hooks are set in and their mouths stretched wide. Digging heels into the tender thighs and breasts, the girls aren't being gentle with one another, not willing to admit defeat or weakness. Jordan ends up being pinned to the floor, with her hands pinned with one heel while Kelly jams her other heel in various tender parts of Jordan's body, causing Jordan to wince and groan in pain. Jordan can't seem to be able to break away from Kelly and is systematically broken down but don't count out the little red head yet.. Jordan gets mad and goes after Kelly, pinning the tall red head up against the sofa and now it's the tall one's turn to feel the pain and wrath of the heels and hooks.


As they battle one, its soon apparent to the girls that even with the size difference, they're close to being evenly matched, so Kelly suggests they go with a test of strength, thinking she's got the advantage until she's taken down with a knee to the gut. Now it's time for payback as Jordan drags her opponent to the sofa and while hanging onto Kelly's legs, proceeds to jab her heels into Kelly's breasts and belly.. But Kelly retaliates as she grabs Jordan's arms and with her heels embedded in Jordan's breasts, pushes up with the heels and pulls down with the hands.. But that's nothing compared to the cheap shot with the heels. Jordan recovers and gets back onto Kelly's case but this time she spread legs Kelly and pushes her legs apart with the sharp end of her heels deep into the soft tender sides of Kelly's thighs.. Jordan roughs up her opponent, fish hooks and heels all the way, showing off her dominance as Kelly suffers. But it comes to a bad turn for Jordan when she's smacked with a shot to the gut and now it's Kelly's turn to put the hurt on Jordan.. With a painful sharp heel to the lower back, Kelly cranks Jordan's back by pulling on her hair. But that's nothing compared to being racked across Kelly powerful shoulders, fish hooked and bent harshly.


Once dropped to the floor, Jordan writhes in pain, she knows she has a one last ditch chance to winning this match and the two girls are tangled up in a fur ball of a catfight as the struggle for dominance has Kelly emerging on top of Jordan. The end is near for Jordan, over powered and dominated by Kelly, the little red head sobs over her loss as Kelly victoriously poses over her defeated and battered opponent.

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