LF260 - Undefeated? - featuring Kelly vs Ema

38 Minutes of back and forth action featuring back breakers, camel clutch, belly punch, fig 4 leglock..

Ema's track record for winning matches is a little shaky so she's agreed to the new girl Kelly's challenge on the mats, thinking she'll be a push over and help Ema gain a notch up the ladder to the top rank position.. Though Kelly stands much taller than Ema, the tough brunette figures that Kelly's inexperience on the mats will make up for the difference. As the girls lock up and trade various back breakers, camel clutches and belly punches, Ema soon realizes that Kelly isn't going down without a fight and soon Ema is desperately fighting to save herself from yet another defeat..

Standing much taller than Ema, red haired Kelly is ready to do battle with the tough fighter. Ema needs a couple of wins on the mats to get back to the top of the ladder so she's not worried tangling up with Kelly. Locking hands for a test of strength contest, the girls push and pull and try to get the advantage but its soon apparent that Kelly's size advantage is going to put Ema to the test. Kelly easily bests Ema who finds herself on her back and subject to a breast mauling before Kelly lets her up. Ema sneaks in a gut punch on Kelly and goes after her bigger opponent but is soon draped across the red haired girls knee for a back breaker and pummeled in the belly. Kelly knows of Ema's reputation of being a thug on the mats but she's not worried.. she has Ema just where she wants her. When Kelly releases Ema, she's soon set upon as Ema tries to taker Kelly down but once again, Ema is on the receiving end of some mauling, kicks and punches until she's trapped between Kelly's thighs and is squeezed with telling effect. But don't count out Ema yet, she's crafty and dangerous and is able to whip Kelly around and drape her across the shoulders for a back breaker. Now that she's in charge, Ema goes to work on Kelly's back with a bow and arrow hold, stretching her victim's back, leaving her victim writhing on the floor in pain. Ema isn't going to go easy on Kelly what so ever... Locking up her bigger opponent in a figure four leg lock, Ema cranks on the pressure causing Kelly to arch and struggle as her knee is being hyper extender in the hold... But if THAT wasn't painful enough, Ema introduces Kelly to a painful cheap shot before draping Kelly across the knee for another back breaker.

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After pounding on Kelly's abs in the back breaker, Ema tosses her victim to the mat and traps her in a camel clutch, stretching Kelly to the breaking point. Ema brutally stretches Kelly's back with a standing bow and arrow, trying to weaken her opponent before she can recover. Kelly is in for more stretching and back breaking as Ema manages to hoist Kelly up across the shoulders again, causing great pain to her victim as she pulls Kelly's foot to the back of her head, bending Kelly in ways that shouldn't be possible.. Kelly might be the new girl, but Ema's over confidence allows Kelly to drive a fist into Ema's belly, dropping her to the mat. And now it's Kelly's turn to pour on the pain as she traps Ema's arms behind her, leaving her breasts wide open for brutal mauling. before being draped across Kelly's knee for a back breaker. Stretched out, Ema takes a few shots to the abs before Kelly drapes Ema across her shoulders, holding Ema and racking her spine as she pulls down hard on Ema's chin and thighs. Dropping Ema to the mats, Kelly confidently stands before Ema waiting for her opponent to stand. Ema, knowing she's on the short end of the stick, challenge Kelly to another test of strength test, but this time, once they lock hands, Ema drives her knee into Kelly's abs and delivers a few cheap shots, hoping to drop the bigger girl. But Kelly manages to put Ema to the mats and catches the tough girl in a camel clutch. With Ema stretched on in the camel clutch, Kelly rakes Ema's breasts and fish hooks her victim to demonstrate her dominance, much to Ema's dismay. Hair pulling, fish hooked and breast mauled, Ema's getting pissed and when released from the hold, goes after Kelly with kicks and punches in a desperate attempt to take down her opponent. Now it's Kelly's turn to suffer the indignity of being fish hooked while in a camel clutch.


Ema leans way back while pulling on Kelly's arms, amplifying the pressure on the red haired girl's lower back, but Ema misjudges Kelly's body size as Kelly is able to latch onto Ema's breasts, forcing Ema to release the hold but not before Kelly can do some damage in this position. Once Kelly releases her iron grip on Ema's breasts, she's hit with a sucker punch to the abs. Not impressed with Ema's trickeries, Kelly drapes Ema across her knee once again and tries to crack Ema's spine. After a few shots to the belly in this position, Kelly traps Ema in the camel clutch hold once again and goes after Ema's breasts and fish hooking. Ever so defiant and not ready to admit defeat, Ema won't back down as Kelly goes after her but its too late, as Kelly once again drapes Ema across her shoulders, racking the brunette in a painful and crippling back breaker with telling effect. Feeling confident with herself, Kelly declares herself the new tough girl and that it's time to break Ema.. And once again, Ema is hoisted to new heights as Kelly back breaks Ema across her shoulders, holding Ema in the back breaker for a long period while breast mauling her victim and fish hooking Ema..


Battered and broken, Ema mumbles that she's still undefeated.. something that Kelly is soon going to rectify. Jamming Ema against the wall, Kelly pulls Ema in a short ceiling hold, stretching the sobbing Ema and breast mauling her until Ema has no choice but to submit to Kelly.. Kelly takes her sweet time torturing her defeated opponent before finally dropping a defeated Ema down to the mats, in defeat.

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