LF259 - Torture Me No More II - featuring Pixie vs Ema (custom video)

38 Minutes of vicious wedgies, cheap shots, hair pulls and scrappin' trash talk

When Pixie and Ema tangled it out in "LF207 Torture Me No More", it didn't go well for Ema as she was reduced to rubble as Pixie tortured Ema into submission. This time, Ema is prepared to take on Pixie again, and she's not going to take any crap from the little red head. Too bad her plans didn't work out, as Pixie goes rampaging on Ema and tortures her once again with some of the most brutal and vicious wedgies and cheap shots, taking the battle to Ema like never before. Before the end of the match, Ema is broken once again, and has no choice but to agree to Pixie humiliating terms of surrender, just so that Pixie won't torture her anymore.. again.

Pixie returns to the mats and she's asked that her first opponent be none other than her rival and longtime antagonist, Ema. As Pixie stretches in preparation of this match, Ema walks right in and right away the air is thick with tension as the trash talking gets quite ignorant. Calling Pixie "fire crotch" doesn't sit well with the little red head and it's enough to send Pixie into a fury, seeking to take down her taller opponent and teaching her a lesson about respect and humility. Ripping into the hair, each girl tries to take the other down but it doesn't take Pixie long before she gets the upper hand on her opponent and with a firm strong grip of Ema's shorts, Pixie yanks up for all she's worth, sending Ema reeling in pain! The expression on Ema's face tells the take of a well delivered wedgie. And that's all that Pixie needed to know that this tactic will work nicely for the rest of the fight.


But Ema, proud and defiant, fights back, elbowing Pixie in the chops, hoping to daze her opponent enough for her own offense but this isn't Pixie's first rodeo and she's drops Ema with a well place knee. Pixie goes for the cheap shots, sending Ema reeling again in pain. Just to add more salt to injury, Pixie gets a nice handful of Ema's shorts and yanks for all she's worth, lifting Ema off the mats by the wedgie! Yanking back on Ema's hair, Pixie tries to pull Ema's shorts up to her own head, causing the battered girl to scream out loud. But Ema isn't done yet, she's not going to quit as to do so will mean that she has to do what Pixie tells her to do and it's too humiliating for Ema to contemplate. But no matter what Ema does to escape she's caught in one of Pixie's holds and can't get a break. .


If the wedgies and cheap shots weren't brutal enough, Pixie locks Ema into various choke holds, bringing Ema to the edge but releases her when Ema taps out just in the nick of time.. Gasping and trying to compose herself, Ema is soon in Pixie's sights and the wedgies and cheap shots are inflicted upon Ema with extreme prejudice. Draped across Pixie's knee, Ema is helpless as Pixie traps Ema's arms in her own shorts and rains punches down on Ema's vulnerably exposed belly. The torture doesn't stop as Pixie rips one wedgie after another on Ema, with a good sprinkling of cheap shots on top, just for added effect. Daze, confused and barely able to defend herself, Ema is beaten down and left reeling in pain.



In the end, Ema once again has no other choice but to beg Pixie to torture her no more.. again! Unfortunately for Ema, Pixie has plans for her.. Poor Ema, she thought she could take down Pixie.. but not this time..

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