LF257 - Hugged and Crushed II - featuring Ema vs Absynthe (Custom Video)

40 Minutes of bone crushing bear hugs and scissors

Ema is caught out in the winter storm and since she's in Absynthe's neighborhood, she self-invites herself to spend the night with her favourite little friend, much to Absynthe's disgust since she was looking forward to quiet evening to herself without having to put up with Ema's advances. When Ema finally shows up, she's ready to play and can't figure out why Absynthe doesn't want to play. So, just like the last time, Ema is more than happy to try and convince Absynthe that they really should share the bed instead of Ema sleeping on a cot for the night. And Ema proceeds to bear hugs and scissor the hell out of Absynthe in order to convince her otherwise. So who ends up sleeping on the floor tonight?

So much for a quiet evening alone at home for Absynthe as Ema comes crashing in, hoping to spend the night as she's caught out in the storm that night. Why not stay the night with her best little friend Absynthe. Poor Absynthe, she already has that defeated look in her eyes as she knows what's going to happen next.. and she's not wrong. Ema wants to spend the evening at Absynthe's house, alright, but also share the nice king size bed.. with Absynthe! But the little gal isn't having any of that and tries to fight off Ema. Unfortunately for Absynthe, Ema is quick to trap her little friend between her powerful thighs and give her a convincing squeeze. Desperate to escape, Absynthe knows she's in for a long fight but she's not willing to give up without a fight!


Long, painful and bone crushing bear hugs and scissors weakens down Absynthe as Ema plays with her like a cat with a wounded mouse. Ema shows Absynthe no mercy as she relentlessly switches from one set of scissors to another, and then bear hugs, front and back style. Absynthe is determined to resist Ema's crushing thighs but it's all she can do to stay in the fight. Ema resorts to new innovative ways to scissor crush Absynthe's torso, locking an ankle behind the knee and squeezing for all she's worth.. Absynthe's head looks like it's ready to pop like a cork on a champagne bottle.


Ema is cheerfully enjoying herself as she crushes her victim into submission.. Poor Absynthe is all but a rag doll as Ema wraps her thighs around Absynthe and squeezes down hard. Absynthe is almost ready to give up when Ema gently whispers in Absynthe's ear that she's going to have Absynthe that evening, only because she submitted nicely. But this turn of events puts the fear and disgust into Absynthe and with a sneaky last ditch swing of the fist, Absynthe connects squarely into Ema's lower abs, knocking the wind out of the brunette.. And this is all Absynthe needs to turn the tables. Already weakened by such a sharp fist to the gut, Ema now has to suffer the little girl's revenge as it's now Absynthe turn to crush the hell out of Ema. For a small fighter, Absynthe has quite the powerful legs, as Ema soon discovers. Returning the favour of all those previous body scissors inflicted upon her tiny frame, Absynthe does a superb job of breaking down Ema, to the point where Ema has no choice but to submit to her much smaller opponent. In the end, Ema does get to spend the night at Absynthe's house, but it's not quite how she had imagined it...


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