LF256 - RedHeads Wage War - featuring Pixie vs Gypsy

31 Minute compilation featuring belly punching, hair pulling, comp match, fig4 and scissoring.

Compiled into this video are three clips from the site's members area.

Red heads are known for their short tempers and feisty natures that make them for vicious hell cats on the mats. Such is the case when petite 5'0" Pixie tangles with gorgeous 5'9" Gypsy. When red heads wage war, all hell breaks loose! Compiled in this video are three clips where Pixie takes Gypsy apart by the legs and hair, then an all out competitive match where one of these fighters has to tap out more than once before the match is over.. and finally in the third clip, its now Gypsy's turn to put the beat down on her smaller opponent with belly punches and hair pulling.

In the first clip, Pixie and Gypsy square off on the mats and it doesn't take long for Pixie to dominate the situation as she catches her long legged opponent in a vicious figure four leg lock, holding Gypsy in this painful hold as long as she can. Once Pixie releases her opponent, she then rolls her up for an inverted surfboard that puts intense pressure on the hips and knees, not to mention the lower back as well. Yanking down on Gypsy's hair just adds to the pain she's already feeling. Barely regaining her senses after being released, Gypsy is yanked onto her back where Pixie straddles her adversary and drops punishing belly punches and mauls Gypsy's breasts. This beat down is not over yet as Pixie tangles up the legs again and hoists Gypsy upside down, putting intense pressure on the knees and ankles. Pixie knows she has control over her opponent and takes her sweet time punishing Gypsy..


In the second clip, it's an all out real competitive match between the red heads. And they are all out to win this match. Though much smaller than Gypsy, Pixie's ability to get her smaller legs wrapped around her opponents and deliver a crushing scissor hold usually gets them to tap out and its exactly what happens to poor Gypsy, more than once in this match. But don't count out the gorgeous tall red head, Gypsy gives it her all but its evident that Pixie has more skills in the grappling department as she muscles down her taller opponent for one tap out after another. Frustrated, Gypsy goes for the hair and anything else she can get a hold of in order to escape from Pixie's holds.. but will she be able to get at least one win before the time limit runs out?


In the final clip, we see both girls squaring off, ready to lock horns again.. but this time Gypsy surprises Pixie with a sharp slap to the face that sets off the little red head into a rage, but she's cut down short as Gypsy lunges on top of Pixie and straddles her, pinning Pixie's arms out of the way to allow Gypsy to drop punches to Pixie's belly and yanking her hair. One punch after another nails Pixie in the gut.. In this position, Pixie can't escape and has to endure the beat down delivered by her much taller opponent. With the wind knocked out of her sails, Pixie can't mount any offence as Gypsy pummels the little red head's belly to a pulp while in various holds, stretched and bent. Stomping and kicking Pixie in the belly, Gypsy is getting her revenge, and she's not being gentle about as she claws at Pixie's breasts and hair. And to add injury to insult, Pixie presses her foot into Pixie's face before getting the satisfaction of belly punching Pixie into submission, leaving the little red head crying in pain..


Great action throughout this video, some fantasy wrestling, some real competitive wrestling and all out war!

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