LF255 - Bitter Rivals Rage - featuring Pixie vs Ema

32 Minutes featuring belly punching, cheap shots, crushing scissors. camel clutch, hair pulling and figure 4 leg lock.

Compiled into this video are three clips from the site's members area.

Bitter rivals Ema and Pixie face off in this video in three separate matches. These two dangerous hellcats have tangled before and its never certain who will emerge victorious until the last minute. In the first match, Pixie takes most of the battle to Ema with brutal belly shots with knees, feet, elbows and fists. In the second match, Ema's rage explodes as she seeks to destroy Pixie. Cruel cheap shots and belly punches rain down on Pixie as Ema gets her revenge. In the final match up, it's Pixie's turn to wage all out war on her bitter rival as she locks legs around Ema's neck and body, crushing the will to fight out of the masked fighter. But it's the grueling figure four leg lock that nearly cripples Ema that seals the deal on this match.

In the first round, Ema stands up to Pixie, trying to intimidate her but Pixie explodes on Ema with a vicious belly punch that stuns the masked brunette, and sets the pace for the battle. With vicious belly punches and knees to the gut, Pixie takes down her slightly bigger opponent. But don't count out Ema yet, she retaliates with a hair pull to break free but Pixie is quick to put a stop to this with a brutal shot to the gut that stuns Ema once again. Pixie's main target on her victim is obvious by now, she's going all out on Ema's rock hard abs with her tiny but vicious fists. Gasping for air, Ema tries to defend herself but can't seem to gain any momentum in order to build any kind of defense.. Like a cat playing with an injured mouse, Pixie takes her time in picking Ema apart, one shot at a time, one hold at a time.. In the end, there is nothing Ema can do but admit defeat..


In the second round, Ema does not like being called bitch and goes after Pixie with a vengeance. A vicious punch to the abs takes down the little red head Pixie and slaps her into a spine breaking camel clutch, yanking on her hair for better leverage. Trapping Pixie between her powerful thighs, Ema wreaks havoc on Pixie's body, crunching down on her ribs. But that's nothing compared to the full on punch to the crotch that nearly cripples poor Pixie as she rolls away in agony. stretching her victim out in a bow and arrow hold, Ema enjoys hearing Pixie scream in pain.. but not as much as the sounds that Pixie makes she takes a full kick to the crotch. Between the cheap shots, belly punches and hair pulling, Ema enjoys her work as she tears her victim apart with a variety of holds, mauling and cheap shots. Poor Pixie, how much longer can she survive this type of brutal punishment?


In the third round, the two rivals face off once again and with a quick double hair pull, the battle goes down to the mats as they struggle for the superior position. Pixie gains the advantage as she traps Ema in a triangle neck lock and rolls her over to drop a punch to the abs. Straddling her opponent, Pixie has the control until a surprise gut shot from Ema rolls her off, but not before locking Ema into another neck triangle leg lock. She might have the shortest legs around but they are powerful and dangerous. Pixie traps Ema in a vicious camel clutch and rolls her over into a brutal body scissors. No matter what she tries, poor Ema can't seem to get a break and get any amount of offense on the go. An opportunity presents itself to Ema as the two girls lock hands for a test of strength but once again, after much pushing and shoving, Ema finds herself on her back on the mats and the recipient of Pixie painful belly punches and breast mauling. As painful as the following boston crab and bow & arrow holds are, they are nothing compared to the figure four leg lock Pixie applies on Ema. With those short little legs amplifying the pressure on the joints, Ema is nearly going insane with pain but won't submit.. or will she? Desperate to break out of the hold, Ema tries every trick in the book to escape but she's locked in tight.. Pixie calls for Ema's submission but Ema's too proud to submit.. or is she?


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