LF253 - Raven vs Pixie Compilation - featuring Masked Raven vs Pixie

30 Minutes of rough and tumble action..

Compiled into this video are three clips from the site's members area.

Masked Raven and Pixie always had a hate on for each other so when ever they got the chance to meet on the mats, war would always break out. In this video are compiled three videos which appeared in the members area, depicting three separate battles these two hell cats fought. Pixie, being only 5'0" tall, backs down for no one, not even a taller and vicious opponent as the 5'7" Masked Raven. Each segment fight is fought until one of these vixens submits to the other, and only one walks away victorious.

The first match sees the fighters circling each other ready for battle and it doesn't take Raven long before she has Pixie caught beneath in a painful back breaking hold. With legs wrapped around her smaller opponent, Raven feels she's got her little adversary just where she wants Pixie and applies bone crushing scissoring pressure to Pixie's body. But skill and experience allows Pixie to eventually break free. Lunging after Raven, Pixie doesn't get in much of an attack before Raven once again has Pixie down with a face site and a swift kick to the abs that nearly cripples the little red head. Trash talking, Raven allows Pixie up to her feet to get the game on the go again. Though Pixie goes for the hair, Raven is ready for her and gets Pixie down in a painful grapevine hold, allowing her to drop a few fists into the red head's already abused belly before cracking Pixie's spine across the knee with more punches raining down on her stretched out belly. It's all down hill from here for Pixie as Raven dominates her smaller opponent with more back breakers and scissors until finally making Pixie tap out her submission with a choke hold.


In the second round, both girls engage each other with hatred in their eyes. Grappling back and forth for the advantage, Raven easily take Pixie down to the mat and drops a few bombs to Pixie's belly before yanking her up to her feet for a full nelson hold. Down she goes again, this time Pixie is strapped into a camel clutch and stretched out as Raven mauls her tender breasts. Both girls engage in insulting trash talking, trying to piss off the other. Locking horns again, they go down to the mat, trying to take out the other but Pixie once again finds herself caught between Raven's powerful thighs. Crushed, Pixie desperately lunges at Raven's hair to break free and both girls trade kicks and punches to try and take the other one out but it's Raven with her size advantage that has the edge over her red headed opponent. Pinned under Raven, Pixie is subjected to vicious breast mauling and belly punching, mixed in with brutal hair pulling. Once again, the end is spelled out for Pixie as Raven traps Pixie in a vicious camel clutch and that's all she wrote for the little pit bull in dreads.


In the final round, Pixie really wants to redeem herself so when Raven challenges her to a Test of Strength contest, Pixie doesn't hesitate. The girls lock hands and the struggle begins. Twisting and pushing, pulling and turning, each try to take the other down but once again, Raven's size advantage comes to play as she takes Pixie down to the mat. Determined not to lose this match, Pixie goes all out and a see saw battle of wills take shape as breast mauling (with hands still locked) and crushing body scissors rule the match. Trading knee shots to the belly, these two hell cats go all out as they wage war on each other.. But in the end, after a brutal battle of attrition, only one will emerge victorious.


Great back and forth fights between two antagonists, body scissors, belly shots, back breakers and more..

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