LF251 - HUGGED and CRUSHED - featuring Absynthe vs Ema (Custom Video)

36 Minutes of Bear Hugs and Body Scissors...

Ema and Absynthe were out sunbathing in their bikinis but were caught by surprise by a torrential downpour, just making it into the house before getting wet. Because the weather is so horrible out there, Ema really wants Absynthe to spend the night at her house, mostly because Ema really likes Absynthe. But Absynthe decides she should go home and makes up lame excuses to Ema's persistent pleading for her to stay. When it looks like Absynthe is ready to get up and leave, Ema grabs her works over Absynthe into submission with brutal front and back bear hugs, body scissors which leaves poor Absynthe little choice but to stay the night...

The two girls run into the bedroom, just barely escaping from getting soaked by an unexpected downpour.. Since the afternoon of sun bathing is over, Absynthe announces she's ready to head home but Ema, who happens to like Absynthe a lot, really wants her to stay the night.. Absynthe, suspecting Ema likes her... a little too much... decides it might be safer for her to simply go home and leave it at that. But no one ever says no to Ema and the tough gal really wants Absynthe to stay.. Ema catches Absynthe a reverse bearhug and tries to convince Absynthe that she really should stay, not like she had any real choice in the matter.. but Absynthe declines and tries to escape but Ema isn't easily dissuaded. Absynthe is tossed in from one bear hug to another and then crushed between Ema's powerful thighs.


Ribs crushed, struggling to escape, Absynthe tries her best but Ema won't let Absynthe go. Wrapping powerful legs and arms around her smaller opponent's tiny body, Ema sincerely tries to convince Absynthe that staying is her better option. But Absynthe isn't having any of that and she struggles to break free but to no avail. Ema is simply too string for Absynthe.


Ema gets her smaller victim in between her thighs and applies crushing pressure on Absynthe's abs and ribs, trying to convince poor Absynthe to change her mind about staying, but Absynthe stubbornly refuses to give in to Ema's demands and tries to fight off Ema. But after such a prolonged crushing and bending, poor Absynthe's energy is quickly being sapped and she can barely offer any resistance to Ema's powerful bear hugs and body scissors. In the end, Absynthe has little to no choice that she's going to be spending the night over at Ema's house..



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