LF248 - EVERYTHING ABSYNTHE - featuring Absynthe vs Aiden

40 Minutes of one sided beatdown, featuring belly punching, cheap shots, figure 4 leg locks, hair pulling and more

Everyone's favourite Jobber Girl, Absynthe, is featured in this compilation video and she's facing off against one of the all time favourite villains, Aiden. Absynthe, who barely tips the scales at 90 lbs soaking wet and holding a bag of hammers, doesn't back down from any challenge. But this time, she's facing one hell of a vicious opponent who hates being challenged by lesser fighters, so she plans to put the beat down on her petite and green haired opponent. Torturing her victim, Aiden gets in her licks but so does Absynthe.. will it be enough to put down the little jobber girl for good?

Compiled from 5 video clips from the members area, Absynthe takes a hellacious beating by Aiden, who goes for the belly, crotch and hair. Aiden loves to apply the figure four leg lock that its looks like she's ripping the legs of an insect. She also loves hammering against Absynthe's belly, who makes deliciously painful sounds when Aiden's hard fists meet Absynthe's sexy belly. But at one point, Absynthe gets her wind back and now it's her turn to hammer away at Aiden.. When it looks like the little girl could actually win, the tables are turned and she's back on the receiving end of a vicious beatdown as Aiden unloads her fury on her petite victim.


Poor Absynthe, she's always been the underdog around here but that's how her fans adore seeing her.. on the wrong end of a beatdown. Aiden makes sure that Absynthe doesn't disappoint her fans as the wild one stomps, kicks and punches her smaller victim's belly to shreds.. Knowing her victim is helpless, Aiden slaps on one last torturous figure leg lock that almost cripples Absynthe.


Later that summer, Absynthe finds out that Aiden is sun bathing at her favourite spot and sneaks up on the unsuspecting Aiden and now it's the little jobber girl's turn to dish out some brutal and painful payback with hair pulling, gut shots and worse of all, vicious cheap shots as she attempts to pay Aiden back for all the previous abuse and suffering. Sometimes you just have to be sneaky to get a win on an experienced pro like Aiden..


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