LF245 - SELENE NOT SO TOUGH - featuring Selene vs Rath, Pixie and Ema

31 Minutes of Selene battling three different opponents in three separate matches.

Selene, as tough and powerful as she is, thinks herself as a prize fighter after beating down less experienced fighters on the mats. Unfortunately, there are far more experienced grapplers around who will prove to Selene that she's really not that tough as they put the beat down to the sexy lady.

In the first match, Selene faces off against Rath, a much larger but more inexperienced fighter. As the battle rages back and forth, trading hair pulls, straddles and belly punches, Selene gets the upper hand in the ordeal and using her skills and superior strength, Selene manages to overwhelm her opponent for the win over Rath..

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But it's a totally different story when Selene squares off against the veteran fighters, Pixie and Ema. Though she makes a good account of herself in these two separate matches, poor Selene is soon out matched and gets one hell of a beating as her opponents drive fists into her belly, rip her hair from her head and stretch Selene as far as her tortured back will go. Neither Pixie or Ema will take pity on Selene, perhaps a little jealousy over her beauty, as they punish the long haired brunette with various holds from Camel Clutches, Fig 4 Leglocks, back breakers, hair pulls and vicious belly punches.. All Pixie and Ema want to prove is that Selene isn't so tough after all.

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