LF243 - The Sleep Over - featuring Pixie vs Absynthe

35 Minutes catfighting featuring belly punching, hair pulling, scissors, cheap shots and face sits.

The girls get together for a sleep over to relax and enjoy the weekend after a long week of hard work but though everything starts off nice and sweet in the beginning, it soon turns sour as Pixie tries to be playful but Absynthe isn't in the mood to play games. A simple and harmless game of "pillow fight" soon turns nasty as Absynthe retaliates and swings a pillow that nails Pixie in the throat, causing her to cough harshly. Unhappy with Absynthe's lack of fair play and bad attitude, Pixie decides it's time to teach the little upstart brunette a thing or two about what a "sleep over" should be all about.. whether Absynthe likes it or not!


Equal in size at 5'0", both these head strong ladies aren't ready to submit to her opponent as the battle flares up. Pixie, with more experience on the mats than her adversary Absynthe, is quick to make Absynthe suffer with brutal hair pulling and well placed gut shots with the closed fist, square in the belly button. Roll and tussle around on the bed, the girls rip at each other, mauling and tearing away, trying to gain the advantage as each girl tries to dominate her opponent.


Back and forth they go, mauling at each other, punches flying, hair yanked, legs squeezing and trash talking flying. Just as one girl gets the advantage, she's quickly on the defensive again, trying to survive her adversary's onslaught, biding her time for her opponent to make a mistake so she can once again regain control of this fight. Pixie pulls Absynthe off the bed and onto the floor to deliver some vicious stomps before tossing her up onto the bed again to start the beat down all over again. But don't count out Absynthe yet! The tenacious little brunette fight back hard and and after much back and forth fighting, she's able to get in a few shots of her own.


The lioness in her crawls back from the abyss seeking revenge and she goes all out against Absynthe, looking to put her adversary away once and for all. Trapping poor Absynthe's arms out of the way, Pixie wails away at her opponent's exposed belly, clawing away at her tender parts, anything and everything to inflict damage to her opponent in order to make her submit. But when Absynthe fights back and refuses to quit, Pixie puts her weakened victim in for one hell of a night of pain.

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