LF235 LOUD MOUTH BEATDOWN - featuring Absynthe vs Delyte & Lily (Custom Video)

35 Minutes of scrapping fun with a brutal one sided beatdown in the later half..

Compiled into this video are three clips never before seen in the site's members area.

Absynthe has always been know as a trouble maker, and a bit of a loud mouth who really doesn't know when to shut up.. Such was the case one lazy weekend afternoon with the three girls were hanging around the studio.. To break the boredom, Absynthe shouts out "Let's get it on!!" to entice her two companions that perhaps they should try a match between them. What ensues in the first half of the video is a rather rambunction play fight between Lily and Delyte, with Absynthe mouthing off in the background at how sloppy and out of shape they both are during the match.. Needless to say this doesn't sit well the two combattants and they strart to get rather annoyed with their smaller antagonist..


Sure enough, after a while, Lily and Delyte decide enough is enough and they jump poor Absynthe and lay one hell of a beat down on the loud mouth without mercy.. Sharp shots to Absynthe's belly gets the ball rolling and the two bigger girls tear their little victim apart, limb by limb. Draping the helpless Absynthe across their knees, the duo pummel her belly leaving Absynthe gasping for breath.. A few crotch stomps to soften her up more, the two sadistic girls crush Absynthe between their thighs, adding insult to injury as they belly punch her at the same time.


But the cruellest attacks come in the end.. Groggy and unable to defend herself, Absynthe is hoisted up onto Lily's shoulders and draped backwards to suspend by the knees, leaving her bare belly cruelly exposed for Delyte's savage punches. One fist after another crash into Absynthe's sexy belly until the poor girl becomes unresponsive.. Unceremoniously dumped onto the red sofa, Absynthe is left in a pile of hurt as Delyte and Lily walk away please with themselves for shutting up the loud mouth, once and for all..


One side beatdown fans are going to love this one, as Absynthe gets her beat down good and proper...

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