LF233 - SEEING RED - featuring Ema vs Red

32 Minutes of one sided beatdown with back breakers, hair pulling and belly punching

Ema has the new girl, Red, right where she wants her, trapped and helpless. After losing a challenge, Red has to let Ema do what she does best: Beating down her victims without mercy. With her arms trapped above her head, Red is subjected to brutal belly punching as Ema drops one bomb after another into Red's long slender belly, drilling her belly button with a pointed finger and stretching out the tall new girl. After dropping a few elbows into Red's battered belly, Ema proceeds to destroy Red, one blow at a time. Every time Red tries to fight back, she's taken down and subjected to more of Ema's viciousness as stomps and mauls keep the new girl down.


Ema is about brutalizing the new girls and she's not going to take it easy on this one. Red is bent, pummeled and stretched to painful lengths as Ema tosses her opponent into one hold after another. When Red mouths off to Ema, this only infuriates Ema and she unleashes even more brutal punishment to her helpless victim. Camel clutches, stomps and more stretches are imposed on Red's long slender body, but yet she won't give Ema the satisfaction of submitting as she tries to survive each attack. But when Red is hoisted up across Ema's strong shoulders does she submit as her spine is bent to an impossible angle and the pain is too much to bear..


After recovering from her first beatdown, Red is ready for Ema on their next match, and as the insults fly, so does the hair as both women lunge at each other's hair and a vicious hair pulling battle erupts as each girl tries to take out the other.. Various holds, face sits and stretches combined with hair pulls has one of these ladies gasping and unable to continue at the end.. A final short segment is added as a bonus in which the battle was cut short as the girls erupted in a real fight before we could finish the match.. the final footage was not captured, so that short segment finishes abruptly.

Back breakers, belly punches, hair pulling and stretches, this match has it all..

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