LF231 - MAIA FIGHTS - featuring Maia vs Ema & Maia vs Naomi

32 Minutes of Selene getting her ass handed back to her in utter and humiliating defeat..

Compiled into this video are three clips never before seen in the site's members area.

Maia gets into a lot of trouble in the first clip but manages to stay on top of the fight for the second and third. She wanted to try out a competitive style match against the Masked Ema and she got a lot more than she bargained as Ema brutally beat Maia down, leaving her humiliated and crying. In her second match with the Masked Ema, the tables are turned as Maia has Ema trapped and proceeds to exact her revenge on her helpless victim. Finally in the third match, Maia faces off against a very inexperienced fighter, Naomi. Though Maia tried to give Naomi a fighting chance, it simply turned out to be a vicious hair pulling match..

Ema know that Maia isn't a push over but with little experience on the mats, Ema figures she'll be able to over take her opponent with ease. With one huge bitch slap that literally stuns Maia, Ema gets the advantage and this competitive style match is on! Though Ema has the advantage through most of the match, Maia isn't going down without a fight as she bites and mauls her way out of Ema's holds. But the lack of experience works against Maia as Ema beats her down to the point of humiliating Maia, causing her to sob uncontrollably after a brutal face sit.. To add insult to injury, Ema makes sure this beatdown will linger with Maia as Ema walks away with a trophy, leaving poor Maia crying on the mats.


In the second segment, it's now Maia's turn to beat the hell out of Ema. Having caught Ema in a trapping hold where her arms are pinned under her ass and legs, Maia is free to use both hands to attack Ema's renown rock hard abs. Stretched and vulnerable, Ema's belly takes one hell of a beating as Maia gets her revenge for the previous beatdown. Scratching her nails up and down Ema's body, Maia also delivers a number of cheap shots that leaves Ema in immense pain.. Unable to defend herself, it's now Ema's turn to lose something and Maia walks away with a trophy of her own..


In the third and last segment, Maia takes on the new girl Naomi. trying to take it easy on the little girl, Maia knows she's in control but when Naomi tries to fight back for real, it's all Maia can to keep the little girl at bay as they rip away at each other's hair..

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