LF229 - WIN SOME, LOSE SOME clip compilation - featuring Maia vs Pixie, Naomi and Ema

32 Minutes of Maia in fighting action.. sometimes she loses, sometimes she wins.. but its all Maia..

Compiled into this video are three clips never before seen in the site's members area.

Maia had spent her time at Ladyfist as everyone's beatdown jobber girl, and fans love it. But once in a while, the tough and resilient blonde gets her own licks in as well. In this compilation video, we see Maia getting a vicious beatdown by the little red head hell cat Pixie, while in the second segment, Maia dominates a petite newcomer with ease. But it's when Maia teams up with dangerous Ema against Pixie, is where Maia gets to vent all of her revenge on the little red head.. with Ema's help and guidance..

In the first segment, Maia is trapped in a small package hold, her arms trapped beneath her, leaving her belly cruelly exposed to Pixie's sharp tiny fists as blow after blow, stomps and kicks rain down on Maia's belly. Pixie takes no pity on Maia, knowing how inexperienced her blonde opponent is. All Pixie wants to do is teach her a lesson as she brutalizes her victim. Drilling fist after fist into Maia's sore belly, Pixie then goes to town on Maia's back and she stretches and arches Maia to impossible angles, at times driving the lesson home with a cheap shot.. How long can Maia survive?


In the second segment, Maia has the height weight and experience advantage over the new girl Naomi. Though she's totally outclassed by her larger opponent, Naomi simply can't get anywhere against Maia and has to suffer a humiliating beatdown as Maia belly punches and breast mauls her little victim. Naomi thinks she can get Maia off her back with sharp claws to the breasts but it backfires on her as Maia gives Naomi a face full of bare breasts to slow her down.. Can the little girl hold out long against her aggressive opponent? Maia knows she can put away this little bundle at any time but like a cat playing with a mouse, Maia enjoys herself too much..


In the third and last segment, Maia teams up with Ema and they both go after their mutual enemy, Pixie. And they go to town on the little red head and beat the hell out of Pixie with double teaming belly blasting punches, stomps and back breakers.. While Maia drapes poor Pixie across her shoulders, stretching the hell out of Pixie's back, Ema hammers away at Pixie's cruelly exposed belly and helps Maia stretch Pixie even more. The two bigger girls really have a hate on for Pixie and they take full advantage of their team work to put the little hell cat away. Pixie is not used to being treated this way and she won't go down without a fight.. Not that it will do her any good as her two opponents go at Pixie with non-stop brutal fury until finally Pixie can't take it anymore..


Three clips, three varying styles of action.. you're not going to want to miss this one!

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