LF227 - TAYLOR'D BELLY BEATDOWN - compilation - featuring Taylor vs Pixie

33 Minutes of Belly Punching with a humiliating feet in the face ending..

Compiled into this video are three clips seen in the site's members area.

Taylor, more commonly seen as the jobber girl and never being able to best most of her adversaries, now finds herself in the driver's seat as she has one of her arch ennemies trapped against the blue ball of pain and delivers one hell of a brutal belly punching beatdown on Pixie in the first two segments of this compilation video.. But as she gets cocky, Taylor finds herself on the receiving end of a humiliating beatdown of her own as she suffers one hell of nasty DeFeet..

In the first segment, Taylor has the little hell cat Pixie trapped, arms bound behing her back, up against the big blue ball of pain. With her belly wide open, vulnerable and unable to defend herself, Pixie takes on vicious belly punch after another as Taylor enjoys her domination over her arch rival. Punch after brutal belly punch, Pixie is beaten down and reduced to a pulp as Taylor enjoys her glory moment while she's in command...


In the second segment, Taylor has Pixie trapped again but this time with her arms stretched out above her head and tied around behind the blue ball of pain, her belly stretched out, cruelly vulnerable to anything Taylor wants to do and all she really wants to do is destroy Pixie's belly as she dominates the little red headed hell cat. Playing coy and caressing Pixie's belly, Taylor claws and bites into Pixie's belly before the real works starts.. pounding the hell out of Pixie's belly. Raking claws up and down her victim's body, Taylor playfully torments her helpless victim, attacking her belly.. Taylor is really enjoying herself.. the same can't be said about Pixie.


In the third and last segment, Taylor has Pixie draped across her knee in a back breaker and pounds her fist deep into Pixie's exposed belly. To show she's capable of more than just beating up trapped victims, Taylor demands that Pixie kisses her feet in submission, but Pixie, the proud and tough little fighter that she is, refuses to submit to the likes of Taylor and resists as best as she can. As soon as Taylor lets down her guard, it's now her turn to suffer the wrath as Pixie exacts her vengance on Taylor and literally stuff her petite feet into Taylor's mouth and makes Taylor lick and kiss her feet. Poor Taylor, unable to stop Pixie, gets one foot after another shoved in her mouth and face. Digusted and horrified, poor Taylor has no choice but to suffer through Pixie's rage and need for revenge... until finally Pixie is satisfied and leaves Taylor with a bad taste in her mouth..


Great video for belly punching fans and the feetlings out there..

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