LF225 - BEATING DOWN TAYLOR compilation - featuring Taylor vs Masked Ema

32 Minutes of Selene getting her ass handed back to her in utter and humiliating defeat..

Compiled into this video are three clips

Taylor, a fan favourite, wants to prove herself on the mats and she faces off with the Masked Ema to make her mark. In these three segments, the feisty hell cat goes all out trying to secure a victory over her adversary but somehow it never works out for poor Taylor. Ema isn't going to let an upstart like Taylor simply breeze through a match as the two women fight to the finish where only one can walk away victorious.

In the first segment, the ladies lock hands and go to the mat, rolling and pulling against each other trying to get the advantage but it doesn't take long to see that Taylor is outclassed by her more experienced opponent as Ema straddles her opponent and delivers deep fists to the belly and goes after Taylor's tender breasts. Back and forth they go but it's for forgone conclusion that Ema isn't going to let Taylor win this round.


In the second segment, Taylor locks up with Ema and is quickly hair pulled into a tight neck scissors from which she can't easily escape from. Once she does escape, Ema is quick to drag her back down into the neck scissors and applies tremendous pressure, soliciting howls of pain from her opponent. Even when Taylor once again manages to break free, and give some payback to Ema, it's right back into the scissors for some more crushing pain. Even with dirty tactics of breast mauling and hair pulling, Taylor can't seem to get ahead in this match as she's crushed and twisted in Ema's powerful legs. But it's a humiliating defeat for the plucky girl when Ema once again gets her win with successive sleeper holds, but she doesn't put Taylor out.. she just wants her adversary to know that she could. And that stings on Taylor..


In the third and last segment, Taylor decides she's going to have to get super tough and both girls go for a round of back and forth face punching. (fantasy style of course!) One punch after another drops the other girl down to her knees, but they get up and get their swing in on the other. Round house punches, short jabs, upper cuts nails the target with telling effect. Each punch drains their strength, getting weaker with each punch, but they know that to win this match, they have to stand and take the punch before they in turn can swing again.. Just when Taylor thought the match would come to a draw, Ema nails her with another shot to the head and the match is on again.. Back and forth, punch after punch, the ladies go at it until finally, Taylor gets taken out with a well placed punch to the jaw that spins her around and down she goes to the mats for the final time.. Tough as nails Ema walks away victorious.. Taylor will have to try again another time..


Great cat fighting and scrapping action with a fun punching fight in the end..

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