LF224 - SCREAM FOR BANSHEE - featuring Banshee vs Pixie

40 Minutes of one sided beatdown with back breakers, camel clutch, boston crab, belly punch and competitive style

Pixie, the resident tough gal stands at 5'0" but what she lacks in height she more than makes up for it in skill, determination and experience. But this time, she's facing off against a much larger opponent who, though lacking on mat experience, has very little respect for her smaller opponent and is hell bent of beating down the top notch red headed hell cat in dreads. Can Pixie hold her own against such a vicious opponent?

The match gets started before the cameras are rolling and we find Pixie face down on the mats with Banshee's foot on her back, taunting and trash talking the little red head. Quickly flipping her adversary over, Banshee sets Pixie up for a brutal boston crab, with a foot on Pixie's head just to make it hurt more. Banshee cranks on the pressure on Pixie's lower back with this hold, and releases her long enough to trash her victim with breast mauling and a gratuitous belly shot before snapping Pixie back into this punishing hold. Over and over, Banshee brutalizes Pixie's lower back with the boston crap hold, breaking the hold to deliver shots to the belly, yanking on her hair and dropping a cheap shot to her near crippled opponent between boston crab holds. Then, finally, when Pixie is all but broken, Banshee flings Pixie up and across her shoulders for a vicious cross shoulder back breaker that leaves Pixie broken and limp as a rag doll..


Next, Banshee already has Pixie caught in a vicious camel clutch hold, and she's not being gentle by any means. With her back already brutalized from the earlier round, Pixie's lower back takes all of Banshee's weight as the bigger girl rocks backwards, inflicting more punishment to the little red head's back, pulling her back to near impossible angles. Wanting to drag this torture for as long as she can, Banshee relaxes the hold so Pixie can catch her breath but it's not without a lot of hair pulling and breast mauling at the same time. Back she goes again, Banshee pulls Pixie back into the camel clutch, using her hair and breasts for leverage to maximize the pain and suffering.. How long can Pixie hold out this time?!


Next, Banshee has Pixie trapped in a leg spreader hold. With her hands trapped under her body and with Banshee pressing down on her folded knees, Pixie can only scream in excruciating pain as her hips and thighs are pushed apart under Banshee's weight. Just to give Pixie a break every once in a while, Banshee releases her crush on Pixie's legs but then target's Pixie's exposed belly and breasts, delivering brutal punches to the belly button and crushing the little red head's tender breasts. Back and forth, Banshee rips Pixie's legs apart and then attacks her belly and chest, cheerfully demanding that Pixie screams louder and louder. Just when Pixie's legs can't spread any further, Banshee makes her point with viscous punches to the over stretched inner thighs, taking Pixie over the edge in pain and suffering..


In the final match, Pixie has had time to heal up and prepare for this one defining match against Banshee. This time, the little red headed hell cat in dreads. is going to get her revenge against her larger opponent by using her competitive wrestling skills to take down the woman who so viciously brutalized her in the earlier rounds. As they lock up, both women go for the hair and Banshee is quickly taken down to the mats where Pixie is so famously dangerous, if she can get her legs up and around Banshee's neck to subdue her with a tight triangle lock but Banshee's sheer strength and size allows her to stand up with Pixie dangling upside down from Banshee's neck. A quick shot to the abs and down goes Pixie. This battle rages on back and forth between these two until eventually, Pixie is overwhelmed and is caught some of the previous holds that broke her earlier and Banshee gets her little opponent to submit. Pixie has met her match, and isn't impressed.


Great one sided beatdown action awaits jobber fans..

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