LF223 - RAVEN FIGHTS - featuring Raven vs Pixie

36 Minutes of competitive style wrestling / catfight with scissors, hair pulling, belly punching and submissions

Beautiful Raven stands before her much smaller but very dangerous opponent, Pixie for this vicious contest to see who will step out as the ultimate winner. In this free style competitive match, the two combatants let loose with brutal belly punching and body scissors, camel clutches and boston crabs but they also go for the cheap shots and painful hair pulling. Though Pixie is the smaller of the two, everyone here knows she's a very capable scrapper and Raven doesn't take this challenge lightly. Can the Masked Raven take down the red headed pit bull in dreads?

Squaring off against each other, the two women quick launch at each other locking up but a quick trip and a hair pull takes the blonde Masked Raven down to the mats where Pixie can do most of her damage. However, Raven isn't going to let this little fighter get the best of her as she lets loose with a vicious belly punch that drops Pixie to the mat. As both women scramble to knees, the challenge is put forth for a one for one belly punching contest. And away they go! Not wasting any time, the women attack each other with as vicious a punch as they can in hopes of dropping their opponent for that one final time to get the win, but this is going to be a test of endurance as neither wish to admit defeat or submit. In the end, one will go down unable to continue thereby losing this round.


Back at it again, the women lock it up and go all out with competitive catfighting fury, trying to make the other submit with a series of grapevines, body scissors and what ever else they can get their opponent into, trying to make her submit or tap out. This is a back and forth battle of endurance, skill and sheer will power as both go after the hair, breasts and the occasional cheap shot. In the end, one has to submit for the loss.


Raven's confidence builds up as she's able to figure out Pixie's moves and is able to counter most of them before the little red head can inflict much damage or punishment. Brutal hair pulling and body scissors dominate the match as these hell cats fight to the finish, neither giving or asking for mercy as the fight rages on at a fast and furious pace. In the end of this round, one of them is stretched out and crushed beyond her capacity and the loser has no other choice but to submit and accept her loss in this round.


In the final round, both women know what's at stake and neither is willing to give an inch as they tear into each other. Vicious hair pulls and bone crush scissors are met and countered with equal fury. Pixie, though smaller than Raven, is more than a hand full and she knows how to use her powerful shorter legs to get her submissions, something Raven is well aware of and tries to avoid. Raven tried time and time again to use her size advantage against Pixie and in the end, one of these exhausted and battered fighters has to submit to locked in body scissors, signaling her final defeat in this intense and brutal competitive style match up between two fiercely determined hell cats.


Great non-stop fast paced fight action with lots of hair pulling, belly punching and scissors awaits you..

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