LF222 - WOUNDED LEGS and BACKS compilation - featuring Ema, Gypsy and Pixie

32 Minutes of painful and vicious leg locks and back breaker torture in 3 clips

Its all about painful and brutal back breaking leg locks in this three clip compilation video where Ema, Pixie and Gypsy go to war inflicting as much torture to whom ever their victim happen to be, eagerly seeking their submission or tap out.

In the first segment, Masked Ema faces off against the luxuriously red haired Gypsy. Ema quickly finds herself at the disadvantage as her taller opponent makes full use of her long and slender legs to punish Ema's legs and back as Gypsy locks up Ema's legs and suspends her by the knees, putting incredible pressure on her joints and lower back. Releasing the hold, Gypsy gets Ema back onto her feet only she can knock her down again and put in a brutal knee spreader hold that sends Ema howling in pain. Weak and exhausted, Ema can't defend herself as Gypsy locks her legs up in one hold after another. But as soon as Gypsy lets her guard down, Ema pounces on her red haired opponent and tries to inflict some pain of her own by straddling her opponent and ripping her legs apart with a grapevine. But already weakened from the previous torture, Ema can't prevent Gypsy from tossing her off and slapping Ema into an excruciating camel clutch and demanding her ultimate submission.


In the next segment, Ema finds herself tightly locked into Pixie brutal Figure 4 Leglock and she's not going anywhere anytime soon. Pixie has this most painful hold locked in deep and she's going to torture Ema for the next 11 minutes, all the time looking for Ema to submit. The Masked Ema is a proud and tenacious fighter and she's not going to give up to the likes of Pixie, but just how much punishment can her legs take in this hold? Pixie relaxes the hold just enough to allow to sit up and take the pressure off her legs but is soon bitch slapped back down to the mats where the full load of the figure 4 leglock can have maximum effect. How long can Ema survive before she has no choice but to submit or be crippled for life?


In the final segment, Gypsy and Pixie are preparing for their match, stretching and limbering up. But a few few choice trashy words from Gypsy gets Pixie all fired up and she drags her opponent by the hair and puts Gypsy into her famously painful figure 4 leg lock. Once Pixie has her opponent's legs all weak and busted, she puts Gypsy into an elevated back breaking hold that stretches out the lower spine and puts pressure on the legs as the long haired red head is suspended above, helpless and in pain. But Pixie can only hold Gypsy up in this hold for so long so as soon as she's dropped Gypsy to the mats, they lock up into a hair pulling that results in Gypsy being straddled and belly punched. Now it's time to lock the legs up and hoist the long legged red head until she's suspended by the knees, putting incredible pressure on her legs and lower back. The rest of the match is devoted to vicious hair pulling, belly punching and bone crushing body scissors as Pixie demolishes her opponent. try as she may, poor Gypsy can't get away and Pixie beats down her much taller opponent once and for all.


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