LF219 - STAY DOWN, BITCH! - featuring Brooke vs Pixie

32 Minutes of intense match fighting featuring camel clutch, back breakers, straddling, hair pulling and belly punching.

Being the resident tough gal around here isn't easy as everyone challenges you for the top spot. Newcomer Brooke shows up feeling she's tougher than the red head in dreads Pixie and she's going to make a point about it. Unfortunately, Brooke showed up ill prepared for the ferocity that Pixie fights with and soon finds herself on the wrong end of a brutal beatdown. But can she prevail and take the title away from Pixie?!

Tough gal Brooke locks it up, collar and elbow with Pixie and it doesn't take the red head long before she hauls Brooke down to the mats and wraps her legs around the blonde girl's waist. Though in the legs, Pixie maximizes the leverage and Brooke feels the intense pressure crushing down on her. A quick belly punch to break the hold and the girls scramble to get a better position to lock up again and give it another try. Being the veteran of the mats, Pixie is quick to put Brooke in a brutal cross knee back breaker and drills her with brutal fists and elbows to Brooke's stretched out belly. Pixie pulls Brooke into a harsh camel clutch, cranking on her opponent's lower back and demands Brooke's submission. Even though she submitted, Brooke still has to suffer more before Pixie is ready to let her go.. Stretched, bent and crushed, Brooke has to suffer under Pixie's attacks with little effect in defending herself.. Pixie pulls Brooke up to her feet and drapes the defeated girl across her back like a wet blanket, stretching out her sobbing opponent before setting up the next round of brutal punishment.

Brooke has little to offer in defense, let alone offense, as Pixie puts the beatdown on her opponent. Pixie even wants Brooke to submit to being Pixie's bitch, doing house chores before she lets her go. Poor Brooke, she never had a chance.


But Pixie isn't done with Brooke yet.. She wants to humiliate and hurt her some more so she won't ever forget who's on top around here as she straddles Brooke and goes after her hair and ample breasts.. But this time Brooke isn't willing to go down without a fight. As Pixie drills her fists into Brooke's belly, she's bucked off and now the roles are reversed. Brooke has a lot of payback to offer to her adversary and she's going to milk it for all it's worth. Straddling Pixie, Brooke rips at Pixie's hair. Rolling over with Pixie trapped between her powerful legs, Brooke takes her turn to crush Pixie, yanking her hair and mauling her breasts. But this offense is short lived as Pixie fights back and it's a back and forth battle with belly punching, mauling and hair pulling. But in the end, a frustrated Brooke once again has to admit defeat and submit to Pixie before she gets taken out for good.


In the last match up, Brooke isn't falling for the old tricks, she's going for all the marbles as she locks up with Pixie again, and this time, the battle is more evenly balanced, not one girl gaining an advantage over her opponent as they rip into each other with vicious hair pulls, scissors, belly punches and camel clutches. But in the end of this grueling battle, only one girl can ride the storm and bring vicious pain and suffering to her opponent for the final win.

Fast paced action with lots of holds, punching and hair pulling..

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